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Parker is Nine Months :)

One of my favorite little friends, Parker, turned nine months! He’s such a little sweetheart and I really think he’s starting to pose for the camera :) Love him!!

Quad Cities Children Photographer

Quad Cities Children's Photography

Fun pics on the farm… :)

Family Photography, Quad Cities, Iowa

Iowa Children's Photographer

His sweet mama, Amber, is really good about planning different family outfits for his sessions. So cute!!

Quad Cities Family Photography

Quad Cities Family Photography


Davenport Children's Photographer

Davenport Children's Photography

Quad Cities Family Photography

Quad Cities Family Photographer

Quad Cities Children's Photography

Quad Cities Family Photographer

LOVE ‘EM ALL! :) I have so many favorites of him but this is my favorite session so far :) He has such a little personality and it is so fun seeing him! His one-year birthday is just around the corner so we will see what we come up with for those! :) Amber and Tom, thanks so much for bringing him out! :)

Much love!!
Ann :)

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Baby Parker is 3 Months!

Awwww…this little punkin is three months and just as sweeeeet as can be! He was such a doll during our session…even when we made him model the John Deere boots! :) Both of Parker’s parents work at Deere so we convinced him it was a good idea. ;)

Here are some of my favorites from Parker’s session:
Quad Cities Baby Photographer

Many thanks to Amber and Tom for bringing Mr. Parker to the studio! Enjoy your next three months and I will see you when it’s warm out :)

Much love!


Meet Lennon <3

OMG. Who doesn’t just ADORE the name Lennon!?!? Seriously! This little cutie visited me for his seven-week photos :) Such a doll baby! He’s only a week apart from Eleanor. I think next time he visits, they will have to have a little meet & greet! <3 How cute will that be?!

Davenport Baby Photographer

Baby Lennon’s parents, Evan and Kelly (love them!), own Tapas Yoga Shala in Rock Island. If you’ve ever thought of doing yoga, please go. Sunday class is not yoga for the faint of heart…haha. It’s the kind where you’re limping out of the place after the hardest workout EVVVVER. I used to go all the time before the whole pregnancy situation. :) I am looking forward to going back. #returnofthebam

If you think you need toned EVERYTHING by swimsuit season, you should try Ashtanga Sunday class. For reals. They have tons of other classes too at all different levels, so check them out.

Back to the bambino… I had so much fun photographing sweet little Lennon. Hope to see you guys again SOON!! xo!

Much love,

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Chloe is 1!!

Darling little Chloe is 1! I have taken this little sweetie’s photos since she was in her mama’s tummy :) I am so sad that she’s growing up so fast!

For her one year photos, she decided to bring all of her smiles (and a couple serious faces, too). Lovvvvving ALL of these pics and can’t wait to see her again!

Quad City Baby Photographer

Many thanks to Renee and Doug, Chloe’s awesome parents, for bringing her to the new studio. It was so great to see all of you.

Happy birthday, Chloe! Hope to see you all again soon :)

Ann :)

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Newborn Baby Eleanor <3

Ahhhh…little lovies. Love this little sweetheart so, so, so much. Here are her newborn photos…

Quad City Newborn PhotographerIowa Newborn PhotographerQuad City Newborn PhotographerQuad Cities Newborn PhotographerQuad Cities Newborn PhotographyIowa Newborn PhotographerIowa Newborn PhotographerQuad City Newborn PhotographyDavenport Newborn PhotographyBettendorf Newborn PhotographerQuad City newborn photographyDavenport newborn baby photographyIowa newborn photographer

Much love to all,


More George :)

My little friend George is 1! Such a doll!

Davenport Children's Photographer

He’s just the cutest, sweetest little guy. I absolutely love seeing him.

Quad Cities Children's Photographer

Davenport Kids Photography

He’s been coming to see me every three months this year, so I’m very happy to report that he is really getting the Ann Steward Photography modeling look down..

Quad Cities Family Photography

Davenport Baby Photographer

Megan and Dennis, thanks so much for bringing your little guy to visit me again. Can’t wait to see him at 18 months!

I had to post this family pic…love his little face in this one:

Davenport Family Photography

Hope George is all set for Halloween! I’ll be watching FB for pics of his cute little costume.

Much love,

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Mr. Grant is 1, too!

My favorite little neighbor, Baby Grant, is no longer a baby. : ( Sadness!!! Like Caroline (see yesterday’s post), Grant has been coming to see me every three months. Grant was one of my first newborn clients, too. : ) I can’t believe he’s already a one-year old!

I’ve loved chatting with his mama every few months and meeting for pics. He is not too much younger than Will, so we always talk about how they will be sneaking out of the house together when they’re in high school to go to pasture parties. Ha! They better not…we will catch them for sure.

This time, we went to his great-grandparents farm for his one-year photos. He even brought his new John Deere wagon!

Their farm has a awesome old schoolhouse that I love to use for seniors, so we thought it would be cute to take Grant there and also do some updated family photos.

He has a lot of expressions, so we are always cracking up at him!

Here is Grant in his Socrates pose:

And, we all know I LOVVVVE LOVE LOVE them all but I’ll end with my very three favorites from the session:

Brittany and Eric, thank you so much for bringing Grant to me for all of his photos over the past twelve months! Hope to see you guys again soon!

Mucho love!
Ann : )

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Miss Caroline Turned 1!

Love all of my baby clients! Everyone says time goes by so fast seeing your own little ones grow up and sadly, that is true! It’s also true when you only see certain little bambinos every three months!

Miss Caroline was one of my first babies in the studio last winter for her three months pics and now she recently finished up her baby package! She must have been studying my website because for her one-year photos, she arrived at the studio wanting more serious and grown-up looking pics. More of a Vogue-style this time, she was thinking…I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Davenport Children's Photography, Iowa Children's Photography

Quad Cities Baby Photography

But she soon got more smiley for us and decided to be super-sweet happy self:

Davenport Baby Photographer, Davenport Baby Photography

: ) That bottom one is toooo cuuuute. I love the expression!

I love summer pics. OCCASIONALLY/RARELY/ONCE IN AWHILE, I have the perfect photo with the perfect outfit with the perfect lighting to make me want to use an action or an overlay, and this is one of those times… (More on summer-inspired Photoshop actions later…I’m sooooo long overdue to post something photography-related for my photographer friends on my post-processing).

So sweet <3

Iowa Children's Photographer, Quad Cities Photography Studio

Davenport Baby Photographer

Children's Photographer Quad Citites

And now, for two of my favorites:

Quad Cities Children Photographer

And here’s Miss Caroline with two of HER favorites:

Davenport Family Photography, Davenport Family Photographer

Thank you soooo very much to Betsy and Andy for bring her to me all of these times over the past year! I will soooo miss seeing this ADORABLE little princess and her “happy dance” every three months. Please keep me posted on how she is doing : )

Mucho love to you all!! ~ Ann

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Felise and Max ~ Best Cousins :)

Okay so I have a lot of amazing BFF’s that I’m blogging about today!  I am soooo lucky to have all of them in my life!  One of them, Heather, has an AWESOME family and two sisters of loveliness!  One of her sisters, Jamie, asked me to photograph her daughter for her first birthday photos!  The *only* problem is that Jamie, Nate and Felise live in Madison.  :)  Instead of going to Madison (it wouldn’t have been a hardship to roadtrip there – I assure you!  I love Madison!), I went to Iowa City to Heather and Jamie’s parents’ house to take the photos.

It was so cute to think how much fun Felise and Max will soon be having over each of the holiday visits to Grandma and Grandpa Bozek’s!  We always LOVVVVED holidays with our cousins and had such a blast :)

Miss Felise certainly lives up to her beautiful name!  How super-adorable is she!?!?  And her little Pebbles-style pony tail!?  OMG LOVE!!!! I can’t wait to see what a little beauty she grows up to be!

Heather’s little guy, Max, was approaching six months at the time but not yet sitting on his own.  So, Heather brought him to the farm after he was sitting and we were able to get some seriousssss photos of fabulousness!! Include a short series I like to call The Many Faces of Maxwell:

And omg how I lovvvvvvvve all of these…

Thank you SOOOOO much to Jamie, Nate and Felise and to Heather, Mark and Max :) :) And congrats to Grandma and Grandpa B for being blessed with such gorgeous and sweet grandbabies! xoxo! ~Ann

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Ty is 1!! <3

Baby Ty is not a baby anymore!  :(

Nicole is another one of my Deere BFF’s.  Lovvvvve her.  We have had about a million laughs together!  Love Jay and Ty, too, of course!

I’m happy to say they have moved away from the QC and now have been back for awhile.  Hopefully, they are here to stay.  They live in a sweet casa in Falcon territory.  Holla.  I would LOVE to go watch this little guy play football and baseball for the best high school in the world – Davenport West.  ;)

Now, for his one year pics!  :)

Nicole and Jay’s friends sent Ty this sock monkey before he was born.  They took his pic with it every month since he was born!  And now he’s bigger than the monkey :)

And how cute are these…one of these tire pics shall hang in the new studio.  Along with about 30 other pearl canvases and metal prints from photos taken this summer :)

Ha!  He’s so serious in that last one!  Love!!

Nicole and Jay ~ thanks for coming out to the farm!!  It was awesome to see all of you, as always!!  Mucho love!  xoxo!  ~Ann

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