Celebrating 50 Years <3

When my lovely friend Cindy asked me to photograph her parents’ 50th anniversary pics, I was so thrilled!! They are the sweetest and most ADORABLE couple EVER!!! I have known her parents for a longggg time since Cindy and I played flutes together all through school (again I say, FLUTES ARE AWWWWESOME)! :)

We decided on her parents’ house since they have lived in it their entire marriage. I asked them when exactly they moved in. She said they moved in the fall after they married. He agreed and said, “Remember, it was Thanksgiving weekend?” And.they.laughed and agreed, remembering it!! Ahhh!! LOVE.

Quad Cities Wedding Photography

I asked if they had a wedding picture, so she brought one down to show me. How beautiful is this…seriously!? They still look the same and I love-love-LOVE it!!!

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Iowa Wedding Photographers

Their corsage and boutonniere to wear to their anniversary dinner. Cindy and I thought it would be cute to take pics of it like it was prom…and it was ;)

Quad City Wedding Photographers

They wanted big family pics with the house:

Quad City Family Photographers

Quad City Family Photographers

Then, they had the perfect photography backdrop in their backyard – a cute little shed. Here are a few of the family pics!

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Here is Cindy and her super-cute familia. :) I love how Brooklyn poses for the camera :) Work it, girlfriend!

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Quad City Wedding Photographers


Quad City Wedding Photographers

OK, so we were talking about the ladder leaning on the shed. They all started talking about how the ladder had probably been there almost the entire fifty years, too, AND how they had used it to paint every room in the house. Then, they started looking at the various colors talking about which color was used and where, and how the pink was the pink used in Cindy’s room, etc. In other words, I had to take a pic of the ladder after that conversation, so here it is: ;)

Quad City Wedding Photographers

And finally, how adorable are they…

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Thank you so, so much for having me! I can only HOPE that Kurt and I are blessed enough to celebrate 50 years! AND I so hope we are as sweet as these two lovebirds are to each other and laugh as much as they do. My heart is happier having photographed this, so thanks to all of the Reinart’s and to Cindy for asking me to be a part of it all.

Happy (Almost) Weekend! You should go give your loved ones some x’s and o’s ;)

Much love to all,

  1. #1 by steph m on September 13, 2012 - 6:49 pm

    Very nice Ann, I hope to make it to 50 years as well! They do indeed look very happy. Great work!

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