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In response to the many who’ve asked me about them (thank you!!), I’m announcing my first-ever MINI-SESSIONS AT THE FARM!  YAY!

Who’s in the pics?

You.  Your kiddos.  Whoever.  Pets are WELCOME!  I’m not going to overthink this mini-session thing. 

BABY CHICKS and a BIG BUNNY are likely to be involved (and whatever other baby animals I can con Kurt into adopting before then) =)  Actually, I just changed my mind…  I’m going to have Easter eggs hanging from this awesome windbreak of secluded trees.  It’s gonna be awesome and more my style.  I just had this idea right now!

What is a mini-session?

20 minute sessions, on the half-hour, ALL DAY.  I pick 3 poses, do my super-awesome rockin’ artwork to them and send you an email for your review and order. 

When is this?

Session days:  Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd. 

Where is it located?

The weather in Iowa is horrible and unpredictable…what can I say?  So, I’m going to have both outdoor and an indoor spots for you to pick from the day of the session.

How Much Dinero / Additional Scoop?

$100 (plus tax) includes 1 8×10, 1 5×7 and 8 wallets of your favorite pose.  Delivery by Easter weekend. 

Since I only have a certain number of spots available, payment is required at time of scheduling.  =)

Please contact me ASAP to book your time at or 563.343.5223. 

Thank you!!  XOXO!

Ann (

P.S.!  If you schedule an Easter Mini and refer new clients to schedule a Mini, you receive $15 off YOUR next 2011 Mini (for EACH referral).  :)  So please refer away by copying/pasting this link into email.  Yay!!  Thank you!!!

P.P.S.!  Wardrobe consultation is optional but included.  Even though it’s a Mini, I still want the pics to be just AS FABULOUS as they normally would be from any of my sessions!!!!!!!

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Myriad Monday #1

So sorry for the reposting of yesterday’s blog!  I had some formatting issues… 

Some people have Wordless Wednesdays.  Here at A.Stew Photo (haha) we occasionally have Myriad Mondays.  Periodically, I see or think of little things that would be good to post on the blog.  Some of these little things shall be compiled to equal one big blog post (we all know I’m “wordy”). 

I’m going to be honest; I was *pretty* sure that “myriad” meant random.  And I was just looking for an “M” word that meant random and sounded good with “Monday.”  So I looked up the definition:


1.  a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.

2.  ten thousand.

Good enough for me.  Moving on!

A.  My friend, Laura, makes the CUTEST cupcakes stands and wedding banners (amongst tons of other things of adorableness).  If you have a boatload of flower girls (and I DO love it when brides have a boatload of flower girls), how cute it would it be have a couple of them tote a wedding banner?  She is the most creative person I’ve ever met and the sweetest. 

B.  Apparently, there is a HUMONGOUS snow storm making it’s way to Iowa.  This affects me minimally because we all know I leave the house as little as possible in the winter.  Except…

C.  This weekend I am going to a photo conference with my friend, Sue.  We’re going to rock it out in Des Moines at PP of Iowa Winter Convention from Friday night until Tuesday night.  I am going to attempt to write in advance and auto-post but if you don’t hear from me during that time, you’ll know why :)  Looking forward to hanging with my girl, Sue, learning a TON, meeting some sassy photogs, checking out some merchandise, and of course, visiting Jordan Creek Mall.  Yah!

D.  What can I say, I have talented friends!  Another chica I know has a makeup business.  And she is awesome.  OMG, I wish I could be a bride again (don’t worry sistas – not literally!  lol!) so Jessica could do all of our makeup!!  Do check her out, especially if you are a bride or bridesmaid:  She’s also on Facebook if you search “Polished and Pretty.”

E.  OMG, I found my FAVORITE long-lost lip gloss today.  I am SOOO HAPPY.  Yay!  I have raved and raved about my Lip Fusion lip gloss on my makeup blog.  The color of my favorite one is now retired but I still want to marry it.  It’s been lost for like two months.  Where did I find it?  MY CAMERA BAG!  Along with $22, a pack of Stride green gum and my driver’s license that I thought I lost.  This leads me to…

Ann’s Photo FAQ.  We all know that I BY NO MEANS have all the answers but people sometimes ask me questions about random camera stuffs. :)  SO I’ll try to post some Answers to some FAQs on occasion.  I’m always down to talk cameras or photography, so you can totally email me at:  ann [at]

FAQ #1:  What camera bag do you have?

I have a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50 and I love it.  Found here.  I bought mine at Christian Photo in Des Moines (love them).  Now, that is my camera BAG…it’s freakin’ huge.  Mainly, I USE my ShootSac, found here.  If you shoot professionally or are a serious hobbyist that drags a camera and lenses with you everywhere, you would love it. 

FAQ #2:  Do you shoot on Auto?

Ummm…NO.  Come on, now.  :)

FAQ #3:  “Can’t you just photoshop that out?”

Hahaha.  Maybe.  ;)  Photoshop is my friend.  =LOVE

FAQ #4:  What Photoshop do you have?

CS4 but I’m upgrading to CS5 soon.

FAQ #5:  What camera do you have?

This is my almost-most-popular FAQ!  :)  We have a 5DMkII and a 7D.  The 5DMkII is my baby and Kurt rocks the 7D.  We also have a backup camera that has a 98% full memory card of kid and dog pics :)  I use a different camera for my family pics because my other cameras are all set up for FAQ #6…

FAQ #6:  Do you shoot RAW?

ALWAYS except random snapshots of my own kids/dogs/cats.  I have gotten away from shooting RAW around the house because it’s so much easier to just shoot .jpg and I found myself with huge folders full of RAW files that had yet to be developed.  And, as cute as it is, I don’t do a lot of editing to the pics of Will dragging out all of the tupperware in a diaper with our black lab standing there waiting for him to drop a piece of his breakfast bar.  I just take wayyyy too many pics.  I used to ALWAYS shoot in RAW around the house though because that’s a good way to learn if you’re new to RAW. 

If you’re in Iowa, stay warm and safe, y’all.

peace & love, love & peace!



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Lil’ Something for the Photogs (and Brides/Grooms) (and whoever else wants to read)

Omigosh, I am so sorry for the confusion!  :)  I’m soooo still shooting babies, children and families.  LOVE IT.  I can’t imagine ever not doing that type of photography.  I LOVE the babies.  I LOVE the kids.  I LOVE chatting with the parents while we’re trying to get the 2 year old to not get snagged on the barbed wire (anything for a cute pic!  JK (kinda)!).  Seriously, I have a blast.  I have no idea what the parents say as they are driving away from my house but I hope they had a decent time also…? 

ANYWAY!  I’ve babbled on about how I’m breathing new life into the biznazz and focusing on some weddingness.  Maybe some of you are wondering what in the heck I’m talking about…?  I’m referring more to the business side of doing weddings.  Like documentation, advertising and whatnot.  K, so I got the cute logo.  What else?

Re: Weddings.  There is just soooo much more that goes into shooting weddings than kids.  Shooting little kids just comes easily to me; I’m so, so LUCKY and THANKFUL for that because I know other photographers struggle with it.  I really think it’s because A) I’m a mom and B) I’m sooo short (4’11”) so they think I might be around their age.  My child-like voice has nothing to do with it…  ;) 

With kids, though, there’s not that scrolling mental list of MUST HAVE shots that I only get ONE CHANCE to take.  And when shooting kids, I (try to) choose the light.  At weddings, the light chooses ME.  On the flip side, there is just something surreal and immensely rewarding about getting all of those shots and telling the story of such an important day.

Soooo, I’ve been taking a bunch of wedding classes, making lists, plans, reading blogs, etc.  It’s not the SHOOTING I’m taking classes for (got that part DOWN – holla).  I just like hearing perspectives of other wedding photographers and little hints/suggestions of how they go through the day.  I had NO IDEA how crazy it is to be in 7 places at once ALL DAY LONG until I started shooting weddings!!  I have no issues with SPRINTING through the church if I find out Dad has arrived to see the bride.  So it’s nice to hear things like at what point in the day do other photographers take the flower photos, when they do the formal portraits, how many they take, etc.  AND, I love hearing about what information they ask for prior to the wedding day and at the final planning meeting.

Y’all know I like to wing it and just get stuff done…ha.  Fortunately, it usually works out.  I like to pick my battles: I’ll go sleepless for days over a lens purchase but a camera bag, I just roll into a camera store and ask what I should buy…done.  Anyway, so I said, “USUALLY works out!”  HAHAHA.  So, I needed to “whip up” some wedding contracts for 2011.  I thought this would be easy…hello, I’ve signed LOTS of contracts in my life.  OMG, I agonized over these contracts for WEEKS, dude.  WEEKS.  I kept changing my mind, changing the format, changing my mind, changing the format, googling more wedding contracts, searching more forums, changing the font, googling some more.  BLAHBLAHBLAH I’ll get to the point…

My BIGGEST FEAR, seriously?  I would get into an accident, break a leg, get blown away in a tornado, etc and my bride wouldn’t have a photographer on her wedding day.  OM#G.  I would DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE.  DIE!

I wanted to my contracts to show my brides that yes, hello, she has THOUGHT ABOUT THIS.  Not just a flippant, “Yahhhh, I’ll be there…so sign here.”  I wanted both of our sides to be covered and show that I thought about all of these things.  Over my dead body (literally) will someone I’m responsible for not have a fab photog on their wedding day.

Guess what, I wasted my time.  In the midst of this, I started a wedding class a couple weeks ago and the photographer showed us his contract he uses, courtesy of Professional Photographers of America.  JOINING THAT ORGANIZATION WAS ALREADY ON MY LIST FOR JANUARY.  So, yes, photogs, it’s slightly expensive but it’s one of the best purchases you’ll ever make…tons of benefits with this organization!  For the contracts alone, I was THRILLED.  They are professional, have been through legal review and very detailed.  And, I feel they cover everyone involved.  Truly everything I’d been trying to say but less girl-ified.   

And yes, thank God, it mentions that if I end up breaking my hip or something (omg), I can and would appoint another qualified photographer to go in my place.  Which, hello, I would do anyway but I think it’s nice to have in there so people know you actually care.  I also joined PP of Iowa, so even though I have some fab photog friends I would ask, I’d also be likely to find an awesome photographer to help me out via PP of Iowa if need be.  :)

So, that’s my photography tip of the day.  Join PPA.  It’s an amazing resource and I still haven’t gone through all of the rockin’ benefits.  Check it out.  I mean, by now you know photography is literally, truly, HONESTLY, the most expensive business and hobby on the face of the planet, so what’s another $350 when you’ve spent $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  LOL.  And then go spend a little more money and join PP of Iowa.  Somewhere in the Quad Cities, my husband is reading this and shaking his head in agreement(pain) with the “$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.”  Love you, honey.  *smiles sweetly*

Love to all!  xoxo!


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New Logo = Love

So, Santa went back to the North Pole and this little mamasita has been WORKING IT!  It is the YEAR OF RECONCILIATION, I say.  Except I’m only giving myself a couple months to get reconciled and get my lil biznazz Ann-ized.  There were a lot of things I needed to do before I started getting busy to have it be what I wanted and most importantly, to have the experience be reflective of MOI…ya know like Ann-ish and whatnot.  EXCEPT, thanks to my wonderful, awesome, amazing clients, I just…got BUSY!  :)  Thank you thank you thank you!  xoxo!

I’m a lover of all things beautiful…combined with falling down old barns, maybe some old tires, maybe a pile of gravel, possibly a rusty scary-looking gas barrel, no one truly knows what’s going to happen after they get dolled up and come out here.  That’s the way I roll in photos and in real life.  I have no qualms about toting the [one and only] Louis Vuitton I own when it’s covered in gravel dust because I accidentally dropped it in the driveway (oops).  It has more personality that way, yah.  Yeah, I ride in the combine in my True Religions (it’s not like I do real farmwork, I just think it’s cute to ride with the husb <3). 

I’m ready for not only the rockin’ photos but the rockin’ other things that go along with the experience.  I’ve learned SO MUCH about the industry over the past year.  Forever grateful to know where I want to be going and how to get there.  :)  Yah, so I cried when I got my test prints from my new printing house.  GORGEOUS.  Now, I finally know why they cost so damn much.  All photographers reading this are happy that I am finally catching on.  Love you ladies.

Most importantly for this particular post, I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wanted to be a wedding photographer.  Too bad I never just bought a freakin’ camera other than a point and shoot and took some classes!  I could have skipped that whole Corporate America scene!  My whole life, I’d take my lil’ point and shoot and zoom in on the flowers and ribbons on the ends of the pews.  Or I’d take pics of the flower girls’ shoes.  I never knew why, I just did it. 

IT IS THE YEAR OF LOTSA FABULOUS WEDDINGS.  I couldn’t be happier.  XOXO to my 2011 brides.  We’re gonna ROCK. IT. OUT. 

It’s about to get warm and some of the coolest brides and grooms EVER, my camera and I are going to be hittin’ the barns for some engagement sessions.  Hopefully, the grooms are cool with it ;)  Hehe.

amour et paix~

Ann <3