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Miss Caroline Turned 1!

Love all of my baby clients! Everyone says time goes by so fast seeing your own little ones grow up and sadly, that is true! It’s also true when you only see certain little bambinos every three months!

Miss Caroline was one of my first babies in the studio last winter for her three months pics and now she recently finished up her baby package! She must have been studying my website because for her one-year photos, she arrived at the studio wanting more serious and grown-up looking pics. More of a Vogue-style this time, she was thinking…I love it. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Davenport Children's Photography, Iowa Children's Photography

Quad Cities Baby Photography

But she soon got more smiley for us and decided to be super-sweet happy self:

Davenport Baby Photographer, Davenport Baby Photography

: ) That bottom one is toooo cuuuute. I love the expression!

I love summer pics. OCCASIONALLY/RARELY/ONCE IN AWHILE, I have the perfect photo with the perfect outfit with the perfect lighting to make me want to use an action or an overlay, and this is one of those times… (More on summer-inspired Photoshop actions later…I’m sooooo long overdue to post something photography-related for my photographer friends on my post-processing).

So sweet <3

Iowa Children's Photographer, Quad Cities Photography Studio

Davenport Baby Photographer

Children's Photographer Quad Citites

And now, for two of my favorites:

Quad Cities Children Photographer

And here’s Miss Caroline with two of HER favorites:

Davenport Family Photography, Davenport Family Photographer

Thank you soooo very much to Betsy and Andy for bring her to me all of these times over the past year! I will soooo miss seeing this ADORABLE little princess and her “happy dance” every three months. Please keep me posted on how she is doing : )

Mucho love to you all!! ~ Ann

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T$’s Family :)

Some of you may remember when I had the accounting J-O-B and used to travel all the time, before I moved to the farm and started doing photography. I will admit I was able to go work in some amazing places with only the very coolest of cats. I had some of the most HILARIOUS times with my co-workers, including this girl! Here’s a sweet pic of Tracy (T$) and I in Argentina. Circa Fall 2004:

At the time we started traveling together for work in 04, she had just started dating Steve. One fabulous wedding and seven years later (OMG, I cannot believe it’s been that long!!!), here they are with their beyond GORGEOUS family…

Iowa Children's Photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve always wanted a sister. So it makes me soooo happy these girls, Anna and Molly, will always have each other…

Quad Cities Children's Photography

Davenport Children's Photography

Iowa Children's Photography Quad Cities

…and their new lil’ sista, Baby Tessa!

Davenport Children's Photographer

I can only imagine all the fun these little gals will have growing up together. I hope Tracy and Steve have a hugggge room filled with princess dresses and tea party accessories. Soooooo cuuuuute.

Quad Cities Children's Photography

In closing, here is what Baby Tessa thinks of August photo shoots:

Quad City Kid's Photography

Hahaha! Absolutely love her!

T$ and Steve, thanks so much for bringing the dolls out to the farm to see us! It was so much fun! xoxo!

Mucho love,

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Kris and Joe’s Golf-Inspired Wedding

Two important things to know about Kris and Joe:

1. They laugh together. A lot. Their happiness inspires everyone around them to laugh and be happy, too. If that isn’t living life the right way, I don’t know what is.

2. They know how to throw one HECK OF A PAR-TAY. Seriously!

When Kris first contacted me last year about shooting their June wedding, I was thrilled! It sounded like so much fun. They live right on Whispering Pines Golf Course so they were going to have a wedding by the pond on the golf course followed by a reception in the fabulous clubhouse. I couldn’t say, “I’m available!” fast enough.

They started the morning off EARLY at their house with a mimosa brunch and then Joe headed to the course with about twenty close friends and family members for a game of best ball.

Muscatine Wedding Photography

While Joe was busy golfing, Kris chatted with a few of her girlfriends and made sure everything at the reception site was just perfect. Love all of her decor!

Quad Cities Wedding Photography

From the custom golf balls inscribed with their names and wedding date (see above), to the J and K candles (love those!), to the golf ball cake, the entire day was FILLED with the most perfect of little details.

Davenport Wedding Photography

After an early afternoon break, the golf teams got fancy for the big wedding and headed over to start the processional in golf carts. The big crowd of guests loved it!

The ceremony that followed was heartfelt and very sweet. It took place overlooking the pond, which was backlit by the summer sun. Ahhh…summer… The officiant did an AMAZING job as did the singers. And I do have to say we got some great kiss shots!

Iowa Wedding Photographers

Kris really likes my barn photos I’m always posting (and so do I!), so we headed over to an old barn on the property for the family formals.

Quad Cities Wedding Photographer

And later, we were lucky enough to get these sweeeeeeet dusk shots!!! Yeah!!!

Davenport Wedding Photographer

The reception rocked it!! Everyone loved the gorgeous display of food catered by Moon River Supper Club, and the dj played awesome dance music until the very end. What a fantastic party at a beautiful location!

Quad City Wedding Photographers

Kris and Joe, thank you SO MUCH for letting us capture your awesome wedding day! We had such a great time! Best wishes to you lovebirds!! xoxo!

Much love,
Ann & Kurt

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Princess Tegan’s Newborn Pics

Our good friends, Ryan and Kristi, were blessed with a little princess a few weeks ago!

Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

They are one of those insanely strong couples that actually waited to find out what they were having, which I think is just ADORABLE! I could never do that, so I had to live vicariously through her as we discussed Tegan’s birth story over photos. Kristi said she had a feeling the whole time that it was a girl, which kind of makes me cry. Soooo sweet. Love little girls and their cute little tiny girly dresses, hair bows, shoes and coats!!

Davenport Newborn Photographer

I’m so happy to have found an awesome local chica, thanks to another photographer’s recommendation, that makes newborn hats and other items of cuteness. She made my little hats and crotched stuffs right away for Miss Tegan’s photo shoot. Yay! Check out her etsy shop by clicking here: MADE WITH DELIGHT

I HAD to have the pink owl and I could not live without this little bluebird:

Davenport Newborn Photography

Quad Cities Newborn Photographer

Although I had about ten other crocheted hats, bows and blankets lined up, Princess Tegan decided she’d had enough after the owl and the bluebird…and who are we to question royalty? I knew I LOVED LOVED LOVED the shots we had already gotten, so we called it a night. Mama fed her and we all caught up on the latest. So much fun.

Ryan and Kristi, thanks SOOO MUCH for bringing Tegan out to the studio! It was so great to meet her and chat with you both! Hope to see you soooooon!! xoxo!

Mucho love,


Abby’s Two-Year Tea Party!

I can always count on Miss Abby to bring lots of personality to her annual birthday photos! She was HILARIOUS and adorable last year for her one-year pics, bringing lots of different expressions! Here are a few from last summer’s session:

Quad Cities Children's Photographer

Davenport Children's Photography

I absolutely loved working with Abby and her mom and dad last year, so I was SOOO HAPPY to see her again for her two-year photos! It gave me a chance to catch up with her mom and see how much Abby has grown up since last summer. She’s so big now!

One of my June Limited Edition Mini-Sessions options was vintage tea party, and since Abby has a tea set in her bedroom, we decided a tea party would be adorbs for some of the pics. And it was. Love this outfit with the matching hat and little boots!

Iowa Children's Photography

You can see from all of the photos below that Abby has the Ann Steward Photography look down perfectly! Ha!

Iowa Children's Photographer

Love these little summer sunsuits, too. I really miss Belle being this age and wearing them. Love those little feet, too. :)

Iowa Children's Photographer

And finally, a little lady in red. So, so sweet.

Iowa Children's Photography

Thanks so much to Miss Abby, Erin and Erin’s sister for coming all the way out to the farm. So great to see all of you again!! Hope you all have a great end of summer! xoxo!

Much love,


Dan and Cheril’s Hawaiian Wedding <3

Kurt and I are SOOOO fortunate to have traveled to Hawaii for the AMAZING wedding of Dan and Cheril. Many from the Quad Cities know and love Dan…he’s the greatest. He’s truly like a brother to everyone he meets. We were all THRILLED when Dan met Cheril after moving to Hawaii and when they announced their engagement!

Their wedding day was perfect, romantic, joyful and everything all weddings should be. And, from early morning until the end of the night, everything was absolutely lovely, including the bride!! I adore vintage jewelry and recognized the pearls as antiques right away. I asked Cheril and she explained they were her grandmother’s. <3 Love <3

Iowa Destination Wedding Photographers

Cheril and Dan opted to do a first look in a gorgeous Waikiki park. I’ll save those images for them to share…except this one (I can’t resist).

Quad Cities Wedding Photography

Since we had some time before the ceremony, we were able to do all of the bride and groom photos before we headed to the site. LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL OF THEM SOOO MUCH!!

Hawaii Destination Wedding Photography

Davenport Destination Wedding Photographers Photography

And how sweet is this? We were even able to make time to go to the very spot Dan proposed to Cheril overlooking the ocean. <3 Aloha, Paradise! I still can't believe people are lucky enough to actually LIVE here. This is only about ten minutes from their house!

Iowa Hawaii Wedding Photographers

Their ourdoor ceremony was heartfelt and tear-FILLED, thanks to them writing their own super-sweet vows. Guests sat in perfect rows of little white chairs and the ceremony took place under a large tree with long strings of hanging flowers.

Now would be a good time to mention how much I loved the officiant. I introduced myself and politely asked the [dreaded] question, “Is there anything you wouldn’t like us to do during the ceremony?” (all the while praying he didn’t tell me to stay away from the altar area). “Yes,” he said sternly, leaning in closely. “Don’t miss anything!” he said with a HUUUGE smile. Soooo cute! I’m still laughing about it! LOVVVVE HIM!

Also, thanks to my own husband for capturing these fab images of Cheril and her parents. I literally shrieked with joy when I saw them after we got back to Iowa! Kurt hangs at the back of the ceremony site while I chill it out in the altar area with the groom to get some reaction shots.

Quad City Wedding Photography Hawaii Destination

We have sooo many gorgeous ceremony photos but here are just some of my favorites.

The reception was so much fun! During our visit, Cheril was telling us that the Hawaiian culture is all about giving back. So if you take something from the land, give something back. They used earth-friendly themes throughout their adorable wedding and reception details. I thought it was such a cute idea.

And you could just feel the joy throughout the entire day and night; they are both loved so much by everyone.

AND, they even had fire dancers from the Polynesian Cultural Center! Awesome!

I will have more posts on our many Hawaiian adventures soon, but for now I wanted to share the gorgeous photos from their big day. I couldn’t imagine a lovelier couple or a more beautiful wedding day. We’re all sooooo happy for you!

Congrats to Dan and Cheril!! Thanks for having us be a part of it all! xoxo!

Much love,
Ann & Kurt