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Caroline’s 18 Month Photos!

I was so excited to see my verrrry favvvvorite little fashionista, Miss Caroline in the studio! If you think it’s crazy to be jealous of a one year old’s wardrobe, you haven’t spent much time with this little chica. :) I am really wishing they made her outfits in my size, especially that outfit with the little blue skirt!

As always, she was beyond adorable, super sweeeeeet and full of personality!

Quad City Children's Photographer

Thanks so much to her fabulous parents, Betsy and Andy, for bringing her! Have a fantastic summer and I hope to see you all again this fall!! xoxo!

Much love,


Kate & Alex

Happy Monday and Happy Spring Break to those on it. Belle is excited to have a week off of school but is already missing her friends…probably because Will won’t stop following her around! :)…the most BEAUTIFUL family came to visit me in the studio the other weekend!

Katherine (love this name for a girl!) and Alex were absolute dolls. A couple of these photos I could literally stare at alll dayyy longgg. :) Gorgeous!

We were even lucky enough to get in a family photo and one of just the girls. :) Next time we will have to do one of just the boys to match it.

As always here are my faves… love.:

Best Quad City Children's Photographer

Thanks so much to Karen and Steve for bringing everyone out to the studio! Hope you have an amazing summer and that I see you again soon!

Much love,
Ann :)


Baby Parker is 3 Months!

Awwww…this little punkin is three months and just as sweeeeet as can be! He was such a doll during our session…even when we made him model the John Deere boots! :) Both of Parker’s parents work at Deere so we convinced him it was a good idea. ;)

Here are some of my favorites from Parker’s session:
Quad Cities Baby Photographer

Many thanks to Amber and Tom for bringing Mr. Parker to the studio! Enjoy your next three months and I will see you when it’s warm out :)

Much love!


Mr. Grant’s 18 Month Photos!

Happy Thursday! I am sure everyone is looking forward to the weekend! Only one more day, y’all!

I thought I would share some of my favorite photos from my favvve neighbor’s eighteen month photo session.

I have done this little sweetie’s photos since he was a newborn. Love him! He’s getting to be such a big boy now with such a little personality. How cute is he in his little jean jacket…omg!!

Best Quad Cities Photographer

Thanks so much, Brittany and Eric, for letting Grant come visit again. Hope to see you guys soon! xo!

Ann :)


Baby Evan!!

Love seeing all of these little babies lately!! :)

Here is Baby Evan…HOW CUTE IS HE??!! His mama, Jenny, is a friend of mine from high school. We used to ROCK the flute section at West High. ;) I am positive the flutes have never been quite as cool since we graduated (circa ’96).

It was so great seeing her and her new little guy and meeting her husband, Luke!

Here are some of my favorites from Mr. Evan’s first session. What a sweetheart, omigosh…

Quad Cities Baby Photographer

Many thanks to Jenny and Luke for bringing Mr. E to the studio. Hope to see you guys again soon!! xo!

Much love,
Ann :)


Meet Lennon <3

OMG. Who doesn’t just ADORE the name Lennon!?!? Seriously! This little cutie visited me for his seven-week photos :) Such a doll baby! He’s only a week apart from Eleanor. I think next time he visits, they will have to have a little meet & greet! <3 How cute will that be?!

Davenport Baby Photographer

Baby Lennon’s parents, Evan and Kelly (love them!), own Tapas Yoga Shala in Rock Island. If you’ve ever thought of doing yoga, please go. Sunday class is not yoga for the faint of heart…haha. It’s the kind where you’re limping out of the place after the hardest workout EVVVVER. I used to go all the time before the whole pregnancy situation. :) I am looking forward to going back. #returnofthebam

If you think you need toned EVERYTHING by swimsuit season, you should try Ashtanga Sunday class. For reals. They have tons of other classes too at all different levels, so check them out.

Back to the bambino… I had so much fun photographing sweet little Lennon. Hope to see you guys again SOON!! xo!

Much love,

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