Ty is 1!! <3

Baby Ty is not a baby anymore!  :(

Nicole is another one of my Deere BFF’s.  Lovvvvve her.  We have had about a million laughs together!  Love Jay and Ty, too, of course!

I’m happy to say they have moved away from the QC and now have been back for awhile.  Hopefully, they are here to stay.  They live in a sweet casa in Falcon territory.  Holla.  I would LOVE to go watch this little guy play football and baseball for the best high school in the world – Davenport West.  ;)

Now, for his one year pics!  :)

Nicole and Jay’s friends sent Ty this sock monkey before he was born.  They took his pic with it every month since he was born!  And now he’s bigger than the monkey :)

And how cute are these…one of these tire pics shall hang in the new studio.  Along with about 30 other pearl canvases and metal prints from photos taken this summer :)

Ha!  He’s so serious in that last one!  Love!!

Nicole and Jay ~ thanks for coming out to the farm!!  It was awesome to see all of you, as always!!  Mucho love!  xoxo!  ~Ann

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