Meet Lennon <3

OMG. Who doesn’t just ADORE the name Lennon!?!? Seriously! This little cutie visited me for his seven-week photos :) Such a doll baby! He’s only a week apart from Eleanor. I think next time he visits, they will have to have a little meet & greet! <3 How cute will that be?!

Davenport Baby Photographer

Baby Lennon’s parents, Evan and Kelly (love them!), own Tapas Yoga Shala in Rock Island. If you’ve ever thought of doing yoga, please go. Sunday class is not yoga for the faint of heart…haha. It’s the kind where you’re limping out of the place after the hardest workout EVVVVER. I used to go all the time before the whole pregnancy situation. :) I am looking forward to going back. #returnofthebam

If you think you need toned EVERYTHING by swimsuit season, you should try Ashtanga Sunday class. For reals. They have tons of other classes too at all different levels, so check them out.

Back to the bambino… I had so much fun photographing sweet little Lennon. Hope to see you guys again SOON!! xo!

Much love,

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