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Joke of the Day

The other day, my super awesome (for real) husband says, “Do you think I should sell my bike?”

Me:  “No.”

Him:  “Why not?”

Me:  “Just no.”

Him:  “Why not?  We could use the money toward your studio.”   He knows I have expensive taste in photography stuffs.

Me (heart bursting into a million zillion pieces):  “No!  You are so sweet!  But I just don’t want you to sell it.” 

I thought, OMG, I am seriously MORE IN LOVE with this guy than ever!  Granted, neither “we” or “he” take the stupid bike anywhere EVER…but I just don’t really want him to be without it (it’s pretty cute).  I have never heard him say anything about selling it, so I was still dying over it…!!!!!

Him:  “Yeahhh…I wouldn’t sell it.”

Men!  Grrr!  ;)  I don’t care what he says – he really did think about it…for a second.  ;)