Felise and Max ~ Best Cousins :)

Okay so I have a lot of amazing BFF’s that I’m blogging about today!  I am soooo lucky to have all of them in my life!  One of them, Heather, has an AWESOME family and two sisters of loveliness!  One of her sisters, Jamie, asked me to photograph her daughter for her first birthday photos!  The *only* problem is that Jamie, Nate and Felise live in Madison.  :)  Instead of going to Madison (it wouldn’t have been a hardship to roadtrip there – I assure you!  I love Madison!), I went to Iowa City to Heather and Jamie’s parents’ house to take the photos.

It was so cute to think how much fun Felise and Max will soon be having over each of the holiday visits to Grandma and Grandpa Bozek’s!  We always LOVVVVED holidays with our cousins and had such a blast :)

Miss Felise certainly lives up to her beautiful name!  How super-adorable is she!?!?  And her little Pebbles-style pony tail!?  OMG LOVE!!!! I can’t wait to see what a little beauty she grows up to be!

Heather’s little guy, Max, was approaching six months at the time but not yet sitting on his own.  So, Heather brought him to the farm after he was sitting and we were able to get some seriousssss photos of fabulousness!! Include a short series I like to call The Many Faces of Maxwell:

And omg how I lovvvvvvvve all of these…

Thank you SOOOOO much to Jamie, Nate and Felise and to Heather, Mark and Max :) :) And congrats to Grandma and Grandpa B for being blessed with such gorgeous and sweet grandbabies! xoxo! ~Ann

  1. #1 by DLyndL Photography on June 27, 2011 - 12:38 am

    Ann, these are just precious!! <3

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