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Baby, I Like It!

::Cues Enrique:: 

“Baby, I like it!!!”  I thought I’d share the love of that song since it’s been in my head for the past four hours.  Thanks, Molly McNall!

Photography trip ROCKED IT.  Anyone reading this blog knows Thee Husb is building me the pretty much the coolest studio EVER – THIS YEAR (Yay!).  It was muy bueno to visit a studio I clicked with and I felt matched my style to see how their studio looked, the layout, their props, equipment and how they operated.  Blair and Suzanne Phillips are the coolest…and Adam, Tiffany and Dustin.  OMG, AWESOME.  The only way this week could possibly be any cooler is if I win the lottery between now and tomorrow and the studio can be done in about a week with only the finest of materials.  And I could order all of the gallery wraps, prints, frames and collages I wanted to decorate the studio, in any size, and not worry about “my accountant” putting a hit out on me.  And I could stock it on up with numeroussss Larson softboxes.  ::Swoooooon:: 

When I traveled for Deere, we’d hop in a car with four or so people we’d NEVER met to do an audit.  Being at the same table all day and spending evenings and weekends with these people led to what…?  Life-long friends of fabulousness.  Literally.  Soooooooo many of those people have become friends I CANNOT imagine my life without.  They all know who they are…xo.  You make up for lost time REALLLLL quick when you have a fifteen hour drive together and proceed to hang out together constantly for weeks.

Same thing happened on this trip.  Such a small group.  Together for fifteen+ hours per day.  Seriously, I love these people.  One of them happens to be my long-lost sister.  Ha!  The studio hooked us up to share a car and we got lost like 42,000 times!  Hahahaha!  If you’ve been on an audit or road-trip with me, you’re laughing right now.  Sometimes, we’d just be chatting so much we’d forget we were supposed to exit (15 miles earlier).  Deb’s husband said, “What is this?  The blind leading the blind?”  Hahaha.  Pretty much.

Yesterday, Deb and I were trying to return the rental car to the airport and we ended up lost in the Charlotte landfill and almost missed our flight.  We were so late we couldn’t get gas, so we had to pay $5.39 per gallon on an almost-empty tank.  Whoops!  Luckily, the guy felt sorry for us so only charged us half a tank (it was like on EEEEE, which is what we would have paid at the gas station anyhow.  Enterprise, they hook you up! 

 As a side-note, we strolled it through the airport for awhile (with our luggage cart – haha) and there were some pretty sweet Swatch watches for sale.  If you think I won’t be ordering one of these online, I am sorry but you are wrong.  I may or I may not rock the two-watch look this summer.

 Thanks everyone who emailed, facebooked or left me a voicemail this week!  I will be returning calls, emails, etc ASAP! 

 Mucho love to all! 

Peace & love ~


P.S.  Deb, Calvin, Kent, Matt, Susan and everyone else, too ~ thank you for everything.  I am a better photographer and a better person from having known you.  Let’s stay in touch…for sure.  xo.

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Leavinggggg on a Jet Plane

OMG.  So I’m headed out to a photography training of pure FABULOUSNESS in Charlotte, NC.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

I had to whine for quiiiiite awhile for this trip, y’all.  I had to break out the “Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeassssssssssssssssssse.  You don’t have to buy me ANNNNYYYYTHING for my birthday, our anniversary, Christmas OR next Valentine’s Day if I can just gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…?”  Thanks, honey!  (He still got me a b-day prize, btw ;))

I forgot how hard it is to travel alone.  Most everyone reading this blog knows I used to jet set solo alllll the time.  I’m a last minute packer.  The day I left for Argentina for several weeks, I started packing about two hours before I left for the airport.  My bag weighed 71 lbs.  Oops. 

The good thing about having a husband with borderline OCD is I can totally slack off on OCD-ish things because he just does them.  Over the course of years, this is problem because I have forgotten how to be OCD.  He makes packing lists two weeks prior to departure (that I can sneak onto his computer and copy at the last minute), he packs a week in advance so I can spy on what he’s taking, he remembers to bring everylittlething we mightseriouslyeverneed, etc.  AND, most importantly, he leaves a little extra room in his suitcase for my makeup and several pairs of shoes that won’t fit into my overstuffed suitcase.  To make matters worse, he’s busy with Farm Bureau (follow him on Twitter at scottcountyfarm) for the next couple days so I have to do all this prep work solo. 

 The camera stuff I have down.  Me and my baby are ROLLIN’ (and by baby, I don’t mean Will!).  I made my list of what camera stuff to take like two weeks ago.  :)  I have to charge batteries and clean and format a bunch o gigs worth of memory cards.  Too bad my 5dMII won’t get me on a plane and my rockin’ knowledge of proper exposure won’t check me into the hotel.  :(  If I forget the stuff I need and get stuck in Milwaukee, Kurt might blow a gasket.  Hehe.

So, today I shall think like Kurt.  I have to do things like take confirmations for hotels, find my driver’s license (?), don’t grab my camera bag and forget my purse (I have been known to do this since starting photography!  They are similar in size!), take Advil, etc.  I also want to look realllllly cute and stylish (bc Blair/Suzanne are totally cute/stylish) so I need to plan some outfits in advance and so some ironing.  I don’t think my current outfit of Iowa State sweatshirt and leopard-print pajama prints really fall into that category :) 

So, I better go :)  I shall return!!! 

Have a great night, everyone!!!


Mucho, mucho lovvvve ~



Let’s Just Roll With It, Shall We?

I’m not really that great at melancholy-lovey posts and what not.  I mean I AM that type of romantic-y tra-la-la person but not sure people want to read it on the blog.  BUT somehow my Pandora hopped from Lady Gaga radio to Norah Jones radio, so it makes me all Norah-esque.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE NORAH SOOOO MUCH.  Seriously, though, I just can’t listen to it very often or for very long.  It makes me in a weird mood.  For like a month.  So, let’s just roll with it…shallll weeee? 

One of my rockin’ fall wedding couples stopped by on Sunday to discuss their wedding details of FABULOUSNESS (Congrats, Charlotte and Doug!!).  Talks of first looks, first dances and arctic blue ’57 Corvettes occurred.  I saw her super-SPARKLY brand new engagement ring and it immediately put me in the mood to take ring pics.  Yah, yah, we all know I’m wedding-obsessed and I LOVVVVE ring pics.  Conveniently (::bats eyelashes::), I had brought all of my lenses over from the studio to clean them so they were all sitting around just waiting to be suspended over some metal rings in a low-light situation on an antique trunk.  [Srsly, my back hurts now, omg.]

Anyway, so tonight I took off my ring to practice and realized that I haven’t had my ring cleaned and polished since Will was born.  Ewwww.  My bubbas is 15 months old, okay.  I used to stop in Expressions Jewelers ALL THE TIME for cleanings.  Now, they may even not recognize me or my rings!  Yikes!  So, I go into our room to retrieve Kurt’s ring from him. 

We literally NEVER have our rings off.  NEVVVVERRRR.  But, tonight they were off, so I looked at them.  Like reallllly looked at them.  That’s when I realized how beautiful wedding rings are when they’re old.  

And it made me all blissful and “Come Away With Me…{in the night}ish”…  Norah.  Ugh.

Kurt’s big ring (the one he agonized over picking out…maybe way longer than he agonized over mine – haha – love this boy) has definitely worked on lots of tractors, seen it’s share of tools and hello, pushed a lot of brooms across our kitchen floor. 

But my 3 1/2 still looks super-cute next to his 12.

The platinum is scratchedish and dullish but still just as heavy.  They have more soul that way, I say.  

My engagement diamond is covered with layers and layers and layers (and layers) of Johnson’s baby wash and baby lotion from the daily bathings of a baby I never knew I couldn’t breathe without. 

Our rings have literally been through every single thing with us since the day we were married.  And I’m loving it. 

So, I was taking pics, I was inspecting them.  The outsides need some work but the insides are just as bright as the day they left Expressions.  Isn’t that sooo crazy!?  The insides actually seem to shine brighter now that the outsides don’t.

“AMS to KDS  7-12-08” says his…

 “KDS to AMS  7-12-08” says mine…

Did I mention how much I love ring pics.  Did I mention I called my grandma and grandpa to take pics of their rings.  Did I mention I am going get my grandma Bernice’s (R.I.P. <3) rings out of storage to take pics of them.  Did I mention how much I love my rings.   Did I mention how excited I am about this idea. 

I really do have the greatest husband in the world.  I heart him to the max.  THERE IS NO WAYYY I could be the wedding photographer I am without him.  I can totally relate to all of the little hopes, joys and excitements of my brides have because I STILLLLL have it with this cat:


So I know what I’m looking for.  Still love him dessssparately.  Even with his OCD cleaning tendencies.  =)

I’m just sooooo thrilled for my 2011 brides to get married, have such wonderful, happy lives and then, in a couple years, have their rings turn old, scratchedish and filled with baby bubbles.  Then, they’re all totally going to look back at their wedding albums on their anniversaries and say, “Oh hell yeah, Kurt and Ann rocked it out.” 

XOXO Brides, Grooms, Wives and Husbands!  Hug your loved one extra tight tonight and for the love of God, please take your diamond to the jeweler more often than I do.

Mucho love to everyone!



Loves / Hates Part I

Many of you remember Ann’s Loves/Hates from blog v.1.  They are back!!  Yay!

I felt it was time to voice my opinions are some things rockin’ and some things el lame-o’!


1.  I love Mint Green Boutique and Fannie’s Closet.  I am totally “that girl” that ADORES vintage-y artsy looking outfits.  Do I have time to shop vintage or could I even put together an outfit anywhere near as cute as Aimee Winslow-Low, the owner of Mint Green Boutique?  Why, no, no I cannot.  She is amazing!  I also heart (to the extreme) vintage jewelry.  I have issues with making decisions and have no clue how to approach cleaning tarnished metal-goods, so trust me, I’m better off going to Fannie’s Closet and buying from her.  If Kurt came home to find me at our new kitchen table with a bunch of tools strung out everywhere, some cans of turpentine and a big pile of old jewelry, he may never recover from the stress.  CONVENIENTLY, both of these stores are located in the SAME store in the Village of East Davenport.  They have the most ADORABLE handmade and custom baby and children’s clothing and accessories, OMG.  If you have children and want your kids to look DARLING, check them out ASAP.  I am so sad WWS (William Wiese Steward) recently outgrew his long-sleeved brown onesie from Fannie’s.  It had a big orange felt Iowa on the front and a BUTTON sewn with yarn where the Quad-Cities is!!!  Adorable. 

Here are some of my jewelry items o’ fabulousness from the store:

2.  Crumbs Cakes by Reanna Day.  I am ALL for accountants realizing how horrible debits and credits (and even worse – FINANCIAL ANALYSIS – UGH) really are and embracing their inner photog/baker/sew-er/teacher/writer/consultant-er/etc-er.  When I found out my friend, Reanna, from my former “day job”, was making cakes now (just on the side…for now…), I was so happy for her!  :)  She brought her little chica Miss Addy to see me for photos over the summer and somehow we got on the topic of her cakes!  I asked her to make one for one of Belle and Francesca’s schemes parties (a.k.a. ways to scam her mom and I out of money so they can get new clothing and presents for each other).  The girls had planned “Georgia’s (our dog) Welcome Home Party” when she came home from Iowa State Vet Clinic (long story).  It was kind of like a tea party for Georgia where Georgia got one lousy present while she was locked in a kennel (doctor’s orders!) and they each got about five.  Anyway, I about DIED when I opened the cake box.  It was SOOOO BEAUTIFULLLL.  And it was even more delicious…omg yum.  SO when she brought Miss Addy out for her Christmas photos <3, she said she was ALSO available to make Will’s birthday cake!  Yay!!!  She helped me think of the penguin theme and it turned out SOOOOO ADOOORRRRABLE. 

Everyone loved it, of course!  It’s more like art than cake (she sculpted those penguins!!) yet still the yummiest of the yummy.  Moral of the story is if you need a beautiful, wonderful, amazing cake, email Reanna at  Let’s all help convince her she belongs in a bakery NOT a cubicle!

3.  Sephora shall be opening in a couple months and Ulta in a couple weeks.  HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!  Granted the new Sephora IS in my arch-nemesis JCP (ugh) but a JCP Sephora is better than NO SEPHORA and I can’t wait!  :)  If you have yet to buy Smashbox O-Gloss, now is your chance.  Yay!!  I need some new!! 

Now for the HATESSSS:

1.  Cold weather.  I am so tired of it!  Reallly!  I want it to go away permanently =)  Soonnnn!!  YAYY!

2.  I am not one to look at gas prices but when a tank of gas = half way to a new pair of heels, I get very concerned!  I prefer them lurking in the Old Navy flip-flop range.  Not Von Maur Salon Shoes range. 

3.  I hate going to bed at 1:30 when Will sqwaks at 1:40.  =)  It’s 1:27 a.m. so I better get going!

Back to the LOVVVES…


Peace & love, love & peace ~

Ann :)


Mr. George is Six Months! <3


OMG I love him.  And seriously, his name is George – how adorable is the name George!!  Between him and my new friend, Elliot, I am ROCKING OUT SPRING 2011.  They just give me cute looks all the time.  Love them!!

OK, who is in love?  I can’t wait until his nine month pics!!  =)

I tried to convince Kurt (again) that Will needs a brother.  This is a tough case to crack.  He keeps reminding me Will wakes up every 14 mintues. 

BUT Megan definitely needs another – George wants a sibling <3 

There are no words to describe my love for this last one so you know what…  I’m just going to stop.   The next time you see this photo on my blog, it may have a print competition ribbon on it.  ;) 

Thanks SOOOO MUCH to Megan and Dennis for bringing Mr. G to the farm again!! 

Hope everyone is tucked away.  It’s soooo windy and pouring down rain here.  XOXO!

Peace and love ~


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My FarmBaby <3

We all know my challenges with Will and the photo gigs.   LOL. 

If he’s not running away…

He’s shoving rocks in his mouth the second before the camera clicks…

  Davenport Iowa Children's Photographer

I can’t figure out if he ruined the perfect photo with the rock, or made the perfect photo with the rock…?  I’m leaning toward the latter…  <3

**Sigh**  God, I love this baby so, so much.

Hope everyone has a good week!

Peace & love, love & peace ~

Ann  <3

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Elliot <3

Happy Sunday to All!

When Elliot’s mama contacted me a couple of months ago in the midst of winter to do his one-year photos, I was overjoyed!  First of all, his name is Elliot.  You know he’s going to be super-loveable with such a cute name (and he is!)!!  Secondly, she wanted to do them outside.  Yay!  Don’t get me wrong – I love the studio lighting.  But for little kids, outside is so much fun and my camera and I have been stir-crazy.  

We stalked the forecast and rescheduled a couple times but it was sooooo worth the wait.  I LOVE ELLIOT AND HIS MOM, ANNIE!  We had so much fun chatting!  I thought I’d post my three favorite outdoor shots so far.

OMG, I LOVVVVE this SOOOO MUCH.  He was (politely – haha) disagreeing with our decision to have him stand and pose.  OMG, I love it:

Ahhhh, LOVE:

We also did some really cute in-studio pics and played more dress-up with E.

I just realized my husband is making brownies so I better go have some.  Yummmm. 

Hope everyone has a great week! 


Peace & love ~

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BFF’s :) Photos in the Enchanted Forest (Site of the Mini-Sessions)

These girls have been B.F.F.A.E. (Best Friends Forever and Ever), as they say, for years and years.  Almost SIX years.  That’s an eternity when you’re only nine years old.


And you don’t go to the same school. 

Children's Photography Bettendorf

And you don’t live anywhere near each other.

These are our girls.  They just ADORE each other’s company and I can’t imagine one without the other. 

Francesca is a big name.  The funny thing is that once you get to know her, it really just defines her…or she defines it…?  I don’t know but her name just couldn’t be anything else. 

We used to have an Explorer with a DVD player in it when the girls were like 5 or 6.  One day I asked her if her mom was going to get one for their Cadillac cross-over.  She calmly replied, “Well, I hope so.  I asked her for one and if she doesn’t get one, I’m contacting a lawyer.”  HAHAHA.  She says HILARIOUS, worldy, classic, grown-up things like that ALL THE TIME.  She’s so serious, too, with the largest vocabulary on the planet. 

They met in gymnastics when they were FOUR!  In the TODDLER CLASS!  They became friends and after a couple months, they realized in class that they have the same exact birthday – they came out of the class screaming that they really were sisters.  I think they still believe it.  In the meantime, Francesca’s mom and I had become friends.  We started having 2, 3, 4 times a month playdates when they were four.  Belle went to ‘Franci’s’ last Saturday, she’s going there tomorrow and Franci is spending the night on Friday.  I cannot IMAGINE Belle’s life without Francesca.  She’s adapted to all of the change in her life (moving, dance studio changes, me traveling for my job all the time, gaining a new little brother, adopting and losing pets) like a little chameleon but Francesca has always remained constant and kept her happy. 

They always plan their careers, mansions, college, etc, together.  They even have their future daughters they’re going to adopt from Paris and China named already.  They will be best friends, of course.  Last I knew they were going to be vets, opera singers, photographers (that’s a new one as of last Saturday), and teachers (all at once). 

They just HAVE to grow up and stay friends.  They are just too adorable together to break apart EVER.

Thanks, Fraci, for being my girl’s BFF and always exchanging presents, visits, notes, cards and ideas with her.  Thanks for playing dress up, piano, opera, cat rescue, dog training school, Polly Pockets, Barbies, Barbies, Barbies, detective with her.   You are awesome. 

I am going to post BFF shoots of these girls every once in awhile.  I think they will make perfect decor for their college dorm and their grad-school apartment, don’t you? 

And this guy!?  His DREAM is to keep up with the big girls.  He chases them just as fast as his little legs can carry him and gets SOOOO EXCITED when he can sneak into Belle’s room to play.  <3  Last weekend, they played babysitter with him and some other Cabbage Patch dolls.  Guess who were the babysitters and who were the babies?  ;)  He didn’t mind.  I periodically spied checked on them and they were congratulating him on all of the “Meets” and “Exceeds” he received in the various daycare subjects that day (e.g. sharing, communicating, math).  ::Heart Melting:: 

And, I found one more…

I want to point something out.  I LOVE THIS PIC WITH ALL MY HEART.  He makes this face ALLLLL THE TIIIIIIIME.  And then quickly goes, “Oo!” but leaves his lips sticking out.  <3  I know someday soon he will never make this face again.  ::Cries::  ::Sigh::  I am so happy and grateful for this pic. 

Today was my bday, y’all!  The big 3-3!  Thank you SOOOO MUCH to everyone who facebooked, emailed and messaged me.  I wasn’t at the computer ALL DAY but now I am and I just LOVE all the notes.  Thank you thank you!  Best Bday Ever!    Thanks to all of MY B.F.F.’S who dined with me tonight and for the rockin’ prizes.  Love you girls, so, so much.

Thanks to Belle and Kurt for the cards and prizes!  Kurt took Belle to the truckstop (LOL!) last night to pick out a gift for me.  Belle has been sick for DAYS so that was the only option.  She wrapped it herself in construction paper.  As I was opening it, she told my mom and I that she picked out, “the only classy thing in the truckstop.”  :)  It was a Willow Tree.   

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone tomorrow!  It’s one of my favorite holidays!

Peace & love ~

Ann :)


Post from the Other Side

Surely I’m not the only one who thinks uncooperative toddlers are ADORABLE.  They always get independant when we don’t want them to be.

I do feel so bad for my mamas, though.  They plan these darling outfits, drive all the way out here with hopes for lots of happiness.  Then, we get the whines and pouts.  :)  Honestly, it’s so cute.  It doesn’t bother me at all because personally, I LOVE pouty pics!  

I KNOW throughout the entire session that I’m going to get what we need.  In fact, I’ll usually have my one favorite already picked out as we go.  So I keep promising the mamas, “Don’t worry, they are ALL like this!”  And they really are…  The mamas and I try every trick in the book from singing to jumping around to using a whistle to borrowing my neighbor’s cat to making Belle dress up in a costume.  Hey, whatever works!  And I keep promising them, “Don’t worry, they will turn out AWESOME!”  And they really do…seriously.  I am NOTTTT really into smiling pics (as we all know and can see on my website – lol), UNLESS they happen to catch a true, natural smile.

Sometimes, I’ll have alarmingly happy toddler-clients and the smiling pics just look like them.  Take Miss Makenna and Mr. Oliver, for example:

Easiest photo shoots ever.  The sky is the limit for their modeling careers.  You’d think my OWN child would be just as cooperative – it’s not like he’s a stranger to the humongous camera.

Um, no.  I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter before about how rotten my super-sweet baby Will is for photos.  Waaaah!  I really don’t think anyone believes me?  I can’t even believe it myself!

So, I had thought it would be a good idea to send out holiday cards with the kids’ photos.  I had been receiving SO MANY wonderful ones in the mail, lots of them with photos I took!  Literally, JOY.  I LOVED THEM.  So, I decided I needed to send out holiday cards to everyone and the photo shoot could double as Will’s first bday photos since his bday is Jan 7.  Spent hours in Baby Gap and a few hundy on various outfits of adorableness for the kids.  Belle’s photo shoot went perfectly.  Lovely.  Beautiful.  Bribes were involved.  Fine. 

Will’s?  Not so much.   

Needless to say, holiday cards didn’t go out this year.

So happy for the one good photo I took out in the midst of him crawling around, climbing my leg, running away from me, flinging himself out of the chair and trying to pull down the backdrop.

MY BABY!!  <3  It kind of looks like a presidential campaign photo but I’m thankful for the one we did get of him looking at the camera and not screaming.  It matched perfectly with his penguin invites but it’s not what I was originally envisioning, that is FOR SURE.  Something about it, though, just makes me LAUGH and want to jump through the pic and squeeze him tight.  My serious lil’ guy.  I will ALWAYS remember this photo like my mom remembers my brother’s “frowny face” photo from pre-school (I’d post but he’d kill me).  I will say the two bad ones I posted above I also love because it just shows his personality during photo-taking, which is pretty funny.  LOL.   

Anyway, so it gets nicer outside last weekend and my PTSD from Will’s holiday photos was starting to wear off.  Belle and Francesca were doing the BFF photo shoot for the holiday mini-sessions and were all excited about it.  I decided it would be a good time to stuff Will into one of his rockin’ holiday photo outfits (that he never got to wear) (yes, my kids have specific ‘photo outfits’ and ‘photo coats’ haha) and take his pics in “The Enchanted Forest” as well. 

I was hoping/wishing/praying that the holiday photo shoot / One-Year photo shoot was just a nightmare due to being tired, cranky, bad time of day.  A ‘fluke incident,” if you will…  I convinced Kurt this was a good idea and he meets me at the forest for these pics of fabulousness.  Um, no.  Horrible.  He was seriously running the other way, climbing up my leg and looking everywhere but the camera.  FINALLY, NOW I KNOW HOW STRESSED MY MAMAS ARE AND WHY!  It’s kind of heartbreaking and stressful.   I mean you want to be MAD but it’s not like you really can be mad…lol.  I was just SOOO HOPING to have SOME WONDERFUL PHOTOS OF MY BIG BUBBAS!  It was looking pretty effing grim.  So, I cut it short, walked off depressed and bitter and we headed home.  I should really take my own advice sometimes. 

Change of subject:  I went to a wedding recently that had this quote everywhere:  “Every once in awhile in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”   I thought it was pretty cute.

That is really the only quote I think of to compare to the magicalness of this:

Children's Photography Davenport, Iowa

Thank you, Fairytale.  This will be printed on a huge canvas and will hang in my house for years to come.  Even if I never printed it (trust me, that’s not happening), I would remember it for the rest of my life.  It just speaks to me and is ingrained in my mind forever.  Fairytales are awesome.  I could stare at this for HOURS because really, everything about this one photo is just ‘him.’  My big bubbas.  He’s growing up sooooo fast!  **sigh**

So, while I do pick my 25-ish favorites from the session, we are really only looking for that ONE that you’ll never forget and brings you to tears.  Find it, print it big, remember it always. 



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Plans Have Changed :)

What can I say, I change my mind a lot.  :)  After re-thinking the bunnies and the chicks, something just wasn’t right.  I try to avoid props of the norm.  I realize it’s interesting weird unique to pick rusty stuff and old tires but it’s just part of my charm and style, I say…it’s completely safe!  Baby chicks don’t really fit in with my barbed wire and almost-falling-down barn pics I love so much.  I was sensing chick injury, which means I’d have to permanently adopt it.  Since the husband has cut me off any more dog adoptions, I am going to guess that baby chicks are a noooo-gooooo.  I also have a hard time with over-theme-ing anything.  I kind of wanted to offer something that is more relevant to the whole year than Easter, or at least a combination of the two.

Therefore, HENCE!  Spring Mini Sessions have been formally planned and announced!  Thank you to everyone who has already booked based on my last blog, Facebook posts and email!  :)  They will be awwwwessssommmme!  There are still some spots available, so please book soon.  :)

For those of you that didn’t get the scoop via email (message me if you want to be on the mailing list), here it is: 

By popular request, to say thanks, to introduce products, to attract new clients, because I miss you and your little ones, and mostly since I think it would be SOOO ADORABLE, I’m announcing a very limited line of Ann Steward Spring Mini-Sessions for ONE WEEKEND ONLY!  Mini-sessions will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis, so PLEASE call, text, email or Facebook me your preferred time, if interested, as soon as possible.

The spring theme is “Colour Pop: The Enchanted Forest!”  Location is Belle’s favorite tree-cluster (named “The Enchanted Forest”) at our farm.  Photoshop artwork after the session will be color-infused.  THINK SPRING!!!  At client request, traditional artwork will be performed in lieu of colour pop.  Color infusion works great for boys, too, as it’s also perfect for blues, greens, reds and denim.  Please see below for an example of “Colour Pop: Enchanted Forest!”  Belle and her best friend, Francesca, were SO EXCITED to brave the cold this weekend for the Enchanted Forest ad campaign.  I love them!

Wind-pending, an additional area will be set up in The Enchanted Forest with hanging dyed Easter eggs.  Easter eggs will be on-hand to incorporate into photos, at mom and dad’s discretion, even if the wind won’t allow for hanging eggs. 

The ‘Skinny’ on the Mini:

  • Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd 
  • Twenty minutes, on the half-hour, every hour from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Cram all the outfits, people, pets, props into your 20 minutes that you desire (but be mindful of the information below)
  • Ann’s THREE favorite session images will be edited with signature artwork, color-infused
  • Ann’s THREE favorite session images will be edited with signature artwork, in also (::swoon::) black & white
  • Small online gallery of these six images for viewing and sharing
  • Cost is $100.00 (plus tax) includes session, artwork, 1 8×10, 1 5×7 and 8 wallets of exceptional print quality from your one favorite image
  • Additional purchases can be made after the session

Here’s one example of Belle and Francesca being Colour Popped in Belle’s Enchanted Forest, in both color and BW:

I will take a combination of close-ups and farther-backs.  There is a cute little area with weeds for the little ones to sit or be propped up.  What about Will!?  His didn’t turn out so great considering he was trying to climb up my leg the entire time.  Ha!  Will post soon.  :)

It would also be so cute to do a mini-session for maternity photos!! 

Due to the limited number of appointments, session fees must be paid in advance (PayPal or check).  I will hold your place for three days after booking your appointment time.  After three days, I will have to release the time to other clients if payment is not received (so sorry!!).  Session fees are non-refundable, but if you are not able to attend the mini-session due to bambino illness (I know how that goes) I will let you roll it as a credit for a future session.  Let’s just all hope all the kiddos stay healthy that weekend so we can get some cute spring pics!  

Peace & love, love & peace!!!

Ann :)

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