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Crowns <3

I shall post some photos of what I’ve been doing as of late over the next week or so. 

I was by no means deprived as a child.  My parents always let us be involved whatever we wanted but my dad always just told us to figure out a way to be really good at it…post-haste.  And not care what anyone thinks about it, either.  I still have that attitude and it has saved me a lot of time by focusing on things I really like and that I’m good at…like accounting.  Ha.  Bad example.    

No, seriously.  It wasn’t too long ago I was blowing dust off the SLR camera that had been in the bottom of our living room closet for two years.  Find what you love.  Go psychotic obsessive crazy-in-a-good-way learning everything about it and love it even more.  ; )

Growing up, I LOVVVVED dance, tumbling, cheerleading, flute-playing and whatnot.  I never played sports because I already knew I hated them and wouldn’t be good at them anyway.  I’m 4’11”!  And I am not a fan of anything involving me being in direct sun, dirt or shin guards.  Or round flying objects.  I am a little sad, however, that I never got to wear the cute little volleyball shorts.  In lieu of having to serve, spike and suffer the “achy wrists” from “bumping” the volleyball, the shorts can go.  There are only 3 things, really, that I was deprived of doing in my ENTIRE life that I know I would have LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVED: 

1.  I just KNOWWWW I could rock Tootsie’s in Nashville with my amazing singing voice.  Every single night from 6-10 or 10-2.  The occasional guest appearance at The Stage or Legend’s.  Except the fact I’m a TERRIBLE singer!  Terrrrible!  Horrible!  No bueno!  Saddness!!!

2.  I am the PERFECT sorority girl, Elle Woods style.  Except that my parents aren’t billionaires and I didn’t have a hot-pink convertible.  Elle = SOOO ME.

3.  I would have LOVVVED to be in pageants!  If I were a foot taller and had nice, fluffy, gorgeous hair and perfect cheekbones.  :)  The getting dolled up, wearing evening gowns and being on stage  = > DREAM!

Needless to say, I was sooo excited to do some pageant photos for this lovely girl!  I got to photograph her crowwwwn and her beautiful gowwwwwwn (sorry, the gown photos are on lock-down)  She is just SOOO DARLING, isn’t she?!  I absolutely loved working with her and her mom and wish her the very best of luck in the pageant!  <3



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