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In response to the many who’ve asked me about them (thank you!!), I’m announcing my first-ever MINI-SESSIONS AT THE FARM!  YAY!

Who’s in the pics?

You.  Your kiddos.  Whoever.  Pets are WELCOME!  I’m not going to overthink this mini-session thing. 

BABY CHICKS and a BIG BUNNY are likely to be involved (and whatever other baby animals I can con Kurt into adopting before then) =)  Actually, I just changed my mind…  I’m going to have Easter eggs hanging from this awesome windbreak of secluded trees.  It’s gonna be awesome and more my style.  I just had this idea right now!

What is a mini-session?

20 minute sessions, on the half-hour, ALL DAY.  I pick 3 poses, do my super-awesome rockin’ artwork to them and send you an email for your review and order. 

When is this?

Session days:  Saturday, April 2nd and Sunday, April 3rd. 

Where is it located?

The weather in Iowa is horrible and unpredictable…what can I say?  So, I’m going to have both outdoor and an indoor spots for you to pick from the day of the session.

How Much Dinero / Additional Scoop?

$100 (plus tax) includes 1 8×10, 1 5×7 and 8 wallets of your favorite pose.  Delivery by Easter weekend. 

Since I only have a certain number of spots available, payment is required at time of scheduling.  =)

Please contact me ASAP to book your time at or 563.343.5223. 

Thank you!!  XOXO!

Ann (

P.S.!  If you schedule an Easter Mini and refer new clients to schedule a Mini, you receive $15 off YOUR next 2011 Mini (for EACH referral).  :)  So please refer away by copying/pasting this link into email.  Yay!!  Thank you!!!

P.P.S.!  Wardrobe consultation is optional but included.  Even though it’s a Mini, I still want the pics to be just AS FABULOUS as they normally would be from any of my sessions!!!!!!!

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Baby Grant is Six Months!

Awwwh, sweet Baby Grant is six months old!  I am so sad that time goes by so fast!  It doesn’t seem like that long ago we were doing his newborn photos on a 90+ degree evening.  Now, I literally have to RUN from my house to my car to avoid freezing to death.  Very much looking forward to warmer days ahead and his nine month and one year pics.  <3

My baby boy, Will, is only a little older than Grant.  Since Brittany and Eric are our neighbors (they live like 3 mins away by car, which is neighbors out here), I am sure I’ll see a lot of Mr. Grant throughout his life.  They will be in the same class at school, too!   Yay!

In these photos, I used one of the ADDDDORABLE hats crocheted by Daisies Crochet.  I ordered some hats from her store and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with ALL OF THEM when I opened the package.  Photographers, these are the perfect props; mamas, seriously, must buy them.  Adorbs.  Check her out on Etsy at  Or Facebook by searching “Daisies Crochet.”  I’ll be posting more photos with Daisies Crochet hats in the near future!

Also, note how cute it is that Grant is sporting his dad’s business tee.  Love this idea!

Thanks for bringing him over, Brit!  See you soooon!!!

Below, y’all will find the album pages.  Thanks for reading!!  XOXO!  ~Ann

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Sweeeeeeet Caroline’s (dun dun dun) Six Month Pics :)

Just ONE of the MANY changes at *A.S.P.* is custom album design for all of my sessions. 

I don’t think it’s a big secret that I’ve recently moved my business model from [what it was] in 2010 toward a full-service studio in 2011.  I had a blast in 2010 but it’s time to move on to all sorts of awesomeness.  Such as?  Such as offering all kinds of sweet products and whatnot…

There is NOTHING I love more than a wedding album.  Literally.  I will look at ANYONE’S wedding album from any time period regardless if I know them or not.  :) 

If I’m already designing albums for weddings – why not seniors, newborns, children and families?  My mamas have a HARD TIME deciding which pics are their very faves!  That being said, session albums are just sooooo rockin’.  I lovvvvve them.  Going forward, as long as this remains a good idea (haha), session albums will be available for purchase after the session but not required to be purchased.  That’s the good news.  The bad news is that I’m not selling the crappy, junky , magazine page ones.  These are the reallll deallll.  :)

And voila!  Talk about cuteness.  Andy and Betsy were sweet enough to bring Miss Caroline for her three month photos in December and now for her six month photos in February.  She is such a little sweetheart!  She was much happier this time, too!  :)  It’s so adorable seeing the babies every three months – they change SO MUCH between photo shoots!  Now she’s sitting and posing in sundresses and Springalicious sandals.  I LOVE IT! 

I’ll let the album speak for itself  :) 

xoxo!  It’s almost the weekend, y’all! 

Ann :)

Baby Photos


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Joke of the Day

The other day, my super awesome (for real) husband says, “Do you think I should sell my bike?”

Me:  “No.”

Him:  “Why not?”

Me:  “Just no.”

Him:  “Why not?  We could use the money toward your studio.”   He knows I have expensive taste in photography stuffs.

Me (heart bursting into a million zillion pieces):  “No!  You are so sweet!  But I just don’t want you to sell it.” 

I thought, OMG, I am seriously MORE IN LOVE with this guy than ever!  Granted, neither “we” or “he” take the stupid bike anywhere EVER…but I just don’t really want him to be without it (it’s pretty cute).  I have never heard him say anything about selling it, so I was still dying over it…!!!!!

Him:  “Yeahhh…I wouldn’t sell it.”

Men!  Grrr!  ;)  I don’t care what he says – he really did think about it…for a second.  ;)




Go “Here”

I thought I’d use some of my Photoshop skills to make a map of fabulousness: 

LOL!  Nice.  I should also mention that I have a bad sense of direction so that is likely not right.  I know it’s 30 mins-ish from West Des Moines.

We are here for a Farm Bureau meeting at the most AWESOME hotel EVER.  Hotel Pattee in Perry, Iowa.  OMG, I love it so much.  I am so sad to leave!!  See here and please visit SOON so it never shuts down.  We’re in the King’s Daughter’s room.  I loved it, of course, but Kurt thought it was girly.  :) 

We also stayed here for The Shearer Wedding of 2006 (I think that’s the year and it makes me feel OLD) in the Italian Room. 

I’m sad Belle isn’t here because she would LOVVVVVE IT.  A trip here for her bday is needed.  She would love the bowling alley and huge hot tub! 

I miss my lil’ guy but thanks to the most comfortable bed on Earth, a couple glasses of Chardonnay at dinner and the steam heating system, I had the best sleep in the past one year, one month and 5 days. 

Dang.  Kurt’s class is almost over…I guess I have to leeeeeavvvvvve.  SADDNESSSSSSSS!

Happy Saturday and love to all~~~~~~~~


Ann  :)

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Projects :)

Hola! Omigosh Baby Will was soooooo happy to see me when I came home! It was SO CUTE to see the look of joy on his face! And Belle came bounding up to me and hugged me. :) It’s so nice to be missed. Kurt missed me too but he was a little jaded when he saw all of my bags in the hallway (I’m not so great at unpacking). :)

I’ve never used the expressions “irons in the fire” before but oh well, now’s the time. I totally grabbed all the iron ore I could find from here to Saudi Arabia (going the long way) and threw it into the hugest bonfire ever.

The big conference sparked off a boatload of projects and thanks to having so many amazing amazing friends, I am already gaining ground on a lot of them :). Thank you to everyone so far and thank you in advance to those of you I haven’t called yet! ;) Xoxo! Projects of hugeness, craziness and loveliness to be announced soooooooon. It’s gonna be AWWWWESOME.

I highly recommend the seminar. I highly don’t recommend going alone. Haha. Sue and I would have DIED w/o each other. All of the photographers there, with the exception of a couple of them and the speakers, were EXTREMELY unwelcoming. I find it hilarious that the speakers, who were AMAZING photographers, were the sweet ones (IMO they have full rights to give us wannabes the brush-off but they didn’t). It was so bad it was hilarious! HAHA! And those that know me know I can make best friends forever with a brick wall and Sue is the same way. I guess if you are reading this, you won’t technically be going alone because Sue and I will be there next year, too. We will be niiiiiice to youuuuu :)

On the way home we stopped at a gas station in Belle Plaines. This super cool cat held the door for us and said hi. We realized that was the nicest person we’d seen in a week. Lol!

So yaahhhhh…guess what meanies. I’m buying a print case and entering print and album competition. ;) Ribbons = love. I heart motivation…I gotta get to work ;)

OK tomorrow I shall post a FAQ! Send any questions to I am not into secretive photography, so ask whatever. :)

Love to alllllll!!!!!!!


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Bonjour.  Bonjourbonjourbonjour.  I found a computer!  It might be the slowest in Des Moines, but I’m online :)

OMG, I have been SCHOOLED.  I have been INSPIRED, humbled and my work has been validated.  All at once.  I’m in awe.  I can’t wait to come back. 

I never realized it before now but if you (if you’re interested in photography that is) see the work of a true Master Photographer, you never forget it.  It’s like haunting or something?  You can stare at the one photo for an hour and it burns some sort of weird image in your mind.  See Joel Grimes, Mike Cerizo, Rich Newell (ya know, if you want to).  And of course, hailing from the QC, Mr. John Mohr.  Soooo thankful for this experience.

All of my wedding and lighting trainings = amazing.

Yah, I’ve cried a couple of times…how did you know?  lol.  One ADORABLE chica from Canfield Jenkins was talking about noticing your clients.  She told a story of a regular client who had brought in her two little boys to see her several times.  Randomly, the client had brought a book to a session, and she hadn’t done that in the past, so she asked the mom what she was reading.  The mom had a page marked that was a photo of hands with her little boys’ hands.  She asked her if she would like to try something like that.  The mom then tells her she would…if she didn’t mind…and that she’d just been diagnosed with RHEMATOID ARTHRITIS, her hands would be clubs and she wanted HER BOYS TO REMEMBER HER HOLDING THEM.  OMG.  The moms in the room??  Didn’t go over well.  Then she showed a babies and kids slideshow that I couldn’t watch because I had to pretend to take notes so the big, HUUUUGE tears would fall onto my notebook and not down my face (no Kleenex).  The other mamas sniffing behind me only made me cry bigger, huger tears!  As cry-y as it was, it was still just lovvvvely.

My only regret about coming here?  Not entering the print competition!  UGGGGGGH.  This will be corrected going forward.  Rachel, this means your pic.  ;)

Miss everyone!!!  I have been gone SO LONG!  I’ve never been away from the husb or Will this long.  They keep us running around here, though.  Not that anyone cares…but yesterday, we had class from 9:00 a.m. until midnight.  Then we had class today at 7:00 a.m.  We have a quick break now but the awards banquet is SOOOOON, so we need to get ready to go. 

Love to all!  xoxo!!


P.S.  I’ll be home tomorrow night :) 

P.P.S.  I am praying this dinosaur computer posts this blog.

P.P.P.S.  I can’t wait to get home and start some new projects.  Holla.

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Everyone loves a little A.C.

Yikes!  I heard everyone’s favorite news guy (well, he’s mine anyway) was attacked in Cairo.  Hope he’s okay!  It reminded me that my friend Heather’s husband has a striking resemblance to Anderson Cooper.  Craig Blint gets all the credit for pointing this out, though.

Here is A.C. (photo from NNDB) and although you’ve already seen this pic, I’m posting it again for an up-close and personal comparison (see below).

HAHA!  Hope everyone is staying warm.  Apparently it’s -10.  OMG.

Peace & Lovvvvve~

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Chloe Newborn Photos

Not that long ago, I had to dig out a baby photo of me to see if Will looked anything like me.  It was a pretty sweet shot from JC Penney or Olan Mills.  The conclusion:  he doesn’t. 

Anyway, it was then that it occured to me that someday, maybe 32 years from now, one of my little newborns might be digging out their baby photos (that I’ve taken!) to see if they look anything like the newborn they are holding in their own arms.  Life is crazy.  Crazy good  …in a good way  …but still crazy.  It just goes by too fast.

The good news is my job allows me to meet the sweetest people ever.  It doesn’t seem like that long ago Renee emailed me for maternity photos and we stretched that last Fall (borderline Winter) day for all it was worth.  I think this was the last photo I took outside in 2010! 

And time flies, man.  She showed up last week with newborn Baby Chloe looking all fabulous in her regular jeans.  Jealous! 

I’m so very happy for Renee and Doug.  They are the NICEST couple and in a matter of a week, they’ve become happy, natural, laid-back parents.  Miss Chloe is one lucky little chica.

As a side note, I always have and always will LOVVVVE quotes.  I have a HUGE list of quotes that I would marry if I could.  And these newborn photos kind of make me CRYYY because I see how fast my little bambino Will has grown in the past year and I think about how Belle is closer in age to a high school senior than she is to a newborn.  Ugh.  Our precious lil’ newborns do really grow up so, so fast.  Hence(!), we shall try something new on the new blog (haha – this is only like post 5 on the new blog but whatever).  I’m going to combine some newborn photos with some of my favorite quotes and see if it turns out darling, Darlings.  Read ’em slow, y’all…read ’em slow…


Congrats, Renee and Doug!

I’m off to dry my eyes and try to convince Kurt we need like 13 more babies.  ;) 

xo!  ~ann


Myriad Monday #1

So sorry for the reposting of yesterday’s blog!  I had some formatting issues… 

Some people have Wordless Wednesdays.  Here at A.Stew Photo (haha) we occasionally have Myriad Mondays.  Periodically, I see or think of little things that would be good to post on the blog.  Some of these little things shall be compiled to equal one big blog post (we all know I’m “wordy”). 

I’m going to be honest; I was *pretty* sure that “myriad” meant random.  And I was just looking for an “M” word that meant random and sounded good with “Monday.”  So I looked up the definition:


1.  a very great or indefinitely great number of persons or things.

2.  ten thousand.

Good enough for me.  Moving on!

A.  My friend, Laura, makes the CUTEST cupcakes stands and wedding banners (amongst tons of other things of adorableness).  If you have a boatload of flower girls (and I DO love it when brides have a boatload of flower girls), how cute it would it be have a couple of them tote a wedding banner?  She is the most creative person I’ve ever met and the sweetest. 

B.  Apparently, there is a HUMONGOUS snow storm making it’s way to Iowa.  This affects me minimally because we all know I leave the house as little as possible in the winter.  Except…

C.  This weekend I am going to a photo conference with my friend, Sue.  We’re going to rock it out in Des Moines at PP of Iowa Winter Convention from Friday night until Tuesday night.  I am going to attempt to write in advance and auto-post but if you don’t hear from me during that time, you’ll know why :)  Looking forward to hanging with my girl, Sue, learning a TON, meeting some sassy photogs, checking out some merchandise, and of course, visiting Jordan Creek Mall.  Yah!

D.  What can I say, I have talented friends!  Another chica I know has a makeup business.  And she is awesome.  OMG, I wish I could be a bride again (don’t worry sistas – not literally!  lol!) so Jessica could do all of our makeup!!  Do check her out, especially if you are a bride or bridesmaid:  She’s also on Facebook if you search “Polished and Pretty.”

E.  OMG, I found my FAVORITE long-lost lip gloss today.  I am SOOO HAPPY.  Yay!  I have raved and raved about my Lip Fusion lip gloss on my makeup blog.  The color of my favorite one is now retired but I still want to marry it.  It’s been lost for like two months.  Where did I find it?  MY CAMERA BAG!  Along with $22, a pack of Stride green gum and my driver’s license that I thought I lost.  This leads me to…

Ann’s Photo FAQ.  We all know that I BY NO MEANS have all the answers but people sometimes ask me questions about random camera stuffs. :)  SO I’ll try to post some Answers to some FAQs on occasion.  I’m always down to talk cameras or photography, so you can totally email me at:  ann [at]

FAQ #1:  What camera bag do you have?

I have a ThinkTank Urban Disguise 50 and I love it.  Found here.  I bought mine at Christian Photo in Des Moines (love them).  Now, that is my camera BAG…it’s freakin’ huge.  Mainly, I USE my ShootSac, found here.  If you shoot professionally or are a serious hobbyist that drags a camera and lenses with you everywhere, you would love it. 

FAQ #2:  Do you shoot on Auto?

Ummm…NO.  Come on, now.  :)

FAQ #3:  “Can’t you just photoshop that out?”

Hahaha.  Maybe.  ;)  Photoshop is my friend.  =LOVE

FAQ #4:  What Photoshop do you have?

CS4 but I’m upgrading to CS5 soon.

FAQ #5:  What camera do you have?

This is my almost-most-popular FAQ!  :)  We have a 5DMkII and a 7D.  The 5DMkII is my baby and Kurt rocks the 7D.  We also have a backup camera that has a 98% full memory card of kid and dog pics :)  I use a different camera for my family pics because my other cameras are all set up for FAQ #6…

FAQ #6:  Do you shoot RAW?

ALWAYS except random snapshots of my own kids/dogs/cats.  I have gotten away from shooting RAW around the house because it’s so much easier to just shoot .jpg and I found myself with huge folders full of RAW files that had yet to be developed.  And, as cute as it is, I don’t do a lot of editing to the pics of Will dragging out all of the tupperware in a diaper with our black lab standing there waiting for him to drop a piece of his breakfast bar.  I just take wayyyy too many pics.  I used to ALWAYS shoot in RAW around the house though because that’s a good way to learn if you’re new to RAW. 

If you’re in Iowa, stay warm and safe, y’all.

peace & love, love & peace!



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