Caroline’s 18 Month Photos!

I was so excited to see my verrrry favvvvorite little fashionista, Miss Caroline in the studio! If you think it’s crazy to be jealous of a one year old’s wardrobe, you haven’t spent much time with this little chica. :) I am really wishing they made her outfits in my size, especially that outfit with the little blue skirt!

As always, she was beyond adorable, super sweeeeeet and full of personality!

Quad City Children's Photographer

Thanks so much to her fabulous parents, Betsy and Andy, for bringing her! Have a fantastic summer and I hope to see you all again this fall!! xoxo!

Much love,

  1. #1 by Shannon Bush on March 21, 2012 - 9:10 am

    I just love little Fashionista’s they are great, and so very cute in pictures!

  2. #2 by thetxphotog on March 21, 2012 - 9:21 am

    Such a cutie and yep, I’m a little jealous of her wardrobe. :)

  3. #3 by Dawniele Castellanos on March 21, 2012 - 10:40 am

    She is super stylish ;)

  4. #4 by Donna Beck on March 21, 2012 - 10:57 am

    Beautiful pictures, what a lovely little girl and so much personality in the pictures, beautiful work!

  5. #5 by Melissa Johnson on March 21, 2012 - 11:23 am

    So cute! Wow, 18 months seems so young, but I know for the parents it’s probably flown by!

  6. #6 by shaynahardy on March 21, 2012 - 1:23 pm

    So sweet! You really captured what a sweet little girl she is!! I love it!

  7. #7 by Jessica Higgins on March 21, 2012 - 3:10 pm

    I love this age, they have so much personality and you seemed to truly capture her sweet personality! Beautiful!

  8. #8 by reneesprink on March 21, 2012 - 8:39 pm

    Beautiful images. Great job with these!

  9. #9 by Anita Allen - Anita Allen Photography on March 21, 2012 - 9:35 pm

    Beautiful little girl. great photos

  10. #10 by Beverly WIlliams on March 21, 2012 - 9:38 pm

    She is just precious! I know this family will cherish these forever.

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