It’s that time again.

By “that time,” I mean “Build-A-Bear Time.” Yay…not. You mamas feel my pain.

My credit card has had about a four year reprieve from that joint since Belle a) had too many of those bears to even count, b) never EVER played with them anyway, and c) outgrew asking to go.

BUT, like the crazy people we are, Belle and I let Will talk us into it today. I was happy because he was so excited to “Build a Alvin.” Ha.

He liked it but kept trying to convince the girl to let him get INTO the stuffing machine. Omg. And he’s not really the type to take no for an answer. Yikes. And then he wanted to put two hearts in instead of one, which was just weird.

The good news is that Will built the $15 Alvin and was ready to roll out!?! Belle always roped me out of about $100 in bear clothes. She did try to convince me Alvin needed pajamas, slippers, sunglasses and a giant car but Will wasn’t hearing it so neither was I. She is such a good big sis <3

Here's a pic taken prior to him trying to weasel his way into the machine. My baby <3 <3


Here is Alvin with his giant cardboard house:



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