How sad it is that I have not blogged SINCE APRIL!? For real!? Blogging is my favorite past-time next to shopping, matchmaking (I’m super successful at matchmaking…trust me on this one)…and going to sweet photo retreats.

Hope everyone had a great summer! I am sooo sad it’s over! Having a bambino, I haven’t spent much time on the deck this year of record temps. Suckkkyyy. I am all about the 100 degree days with 100% humidity, however. Hence, the reason I need a pool post-haste.

Let’s kick this baby off with a little throwback to my old blog by sharing some LOVESSSS AND HATTTTESSSS:


#1: Speaking of the pool, I have Kurt whittled down from, “You’re out of your #*&^ing mind if you think I’m buying you a pool…” to an annoyed “Yeah, a pool would be nice but…[insert excuses I’m not trying to hear].” I think this is MUY BUENO progress! Yay for pool parties!


#2: Skinny jeans. Horrifyingly, I’m like three years (or four?) behind this trend but I jumped on the bandwagon this spring and became obsessed. I hear boot cut is back in style, which is probably for the best. Holla!

#3: Reba (the show) and also Ebay. OMG, it’s soooo hilarious. I know this sounds insane. Lifetime decided to cancel it in the a.m., so I promptly went on Ebay and ordered all 6 seasons. Now, it’s non-stop Reba whenever you want around here.


#1: Fitnessless on the Farm. Hello, with three kids, I don’t even have time to put ice in my Diet Coke. And we all know how much I love the Diet Coke. I’ve been slacking on my gym time for like four months due to these kids asking me for something every .35 seconds. This needs to change because I really miss chatting with my peeps at the gym (amongst other reasons). ha!

#2: WHY is every single road I take under construction? I mean, seriously!?! I am not a great driver anyway so weaving in and out of barricades is not my insurance company’s idea of a good time.

#3: Late summer => Box Elder Bugs! GROSS!!!!! I don’t mind the japanese beetles ladybugs but the box elders need to have a little visit from Babe’s Pest Control. I do feel badly about this but those things creep me out majora!! *shudders*

Much love to you all! xo!
Ann :)

  1. #1 by Amber on September 2, 2012 - 6:25 am

    Yeah! The blog is back!

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