Happy Fall!


Hope everyone is having a fantastic start to Fall 2011. Yes, I am still alive and yes, I’m still shooting lots and lots! So sorry I’ve been Facebooking and blogging not lots and lots. I have a hard time FB’g and blogging while editing awaits. Not sure why…blogging doesn’t take me too long since I type about 2,767 words per minute. The good news is, if I ever WHEN I get caught up, I’ll have about 75 adorable sessions and five weddings of fabulousness to blog. Yay!

I’m ever-so-thankful for the beautiful weather as of late. It’s been awwwwwesome for my fall children/family sessions and especially all of our recent WEDDINGS. PLEASSSSSSE STAY UNTIL AT LEAST OCTOBER 23RD!! Our last wedding of the year is October 22 and we have majorrrr plans for outdoor photos. Dreading the looming demise of the warm afternoons and evenings. Ugh.

Farm fam is rocking through the harvest. It seems to be going bueno so far but as s*xy as the tractors and combines are, it’ll be nice to have my husband back in the house once in awhile. Seriously.

No worries, I haven’t converted to the barefoot/preggo farm wife; more like adorable fall flats and cute (is there such thing?) maternity jeans. Although Kurt did make me cook a roast the other day. Waaaahhh!! I’m still being all Zsa Zsa and creating farm havoc. Whoops. Thursday, my M.I.L. had me drive her out to the tractor. I’ve done this before but this time it was seriously like a ten minute drive through their random corn fields. I’m like, “Do you own all of this? I feel like we’ve gone really far.” She laughed but I was completely serious. So I ask her, “What if I get lost on the way back?” She like, “What?! You won’t get lost.”

Normally I’m not one to freak out for being lost (IN A CITY!!!) but in the case of blue sky above me and corn maze all around me, I admit I was getting a little concerned after the tenth (or so…) dead end. Even Will was laughing and shaking his head wondering where we were going. Uhhhh…20 minutes later, I’m frantically texting Kurt a photo of a tree saying, “Do you recognize this tree? Let me know ASAP!!!!!”

He’s all, “Oh yah, that’s the Linden tree.” As if it’s some type of landmark I’m supposed to know? We know no “Linden’s.” They like to call farms they’ve bought over the years by their original owners that we don’t even know anymore. For example, “Go behind the bin site, turn right on the water way, turn left at the bean field, go straight past the Stanlick farm, until you get to the Linden tree. Just meet us there.” These are all directions through fields where nothing is marked, there are no houses or buildings and everything looks the same. I don’t know any Stanlick’s either, btw.

All’s well that ends well. Husb called and gave me detailed directions (when you see the bean field ahead and picked corn on the left with standing corn on the right, turn left. Etc. Ha!) and informed me even Belle knows her way back from the tree. I confirmed this with her after school. Yikes. Oh well, I’m just trying to keep it real out here ;-)

Miss everyone muchhhhhoooo. Chat sooooon! xoxo!


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