T$’s Family :)

Some of you may remember when I had the accounting J-O-B and used to travel all the time, before I moved to the farm and started doing photography. I will admit I was able to go work in some amazing places with only the very coolest of cats. I had some of the most HILARIOUS times with my co-workers, including this girl! Here’s a sweet pic of Tracy (T$) and I in Argentina. Circa Fall 2004:

At the time we started traveling together for work in 04, she had just started dating Steve. One fabulous wedding and seven years later (OMG, I cannot believe it’s been that long!!!), here they are with their beyond GORGEOUS family…

Iowa Children's Photographer

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve always wanted a sister. So it makes me soooo happy these girls, Anna and Molly, will always have each other…

Quad Cities Children's Photography

Davenport Children's Photography

Iowa Children's Photography Quad Cities

…and their new lil’ sista, Baby Tessa!

Davenport Children's Photographer

I can only imagine all the fun these little gals will have growing up together. I hope Tracy and Steve have a hugggge room filled with princess dresses and tea party accessories. Soooooo cuuuuute.

Quad Cities Children's Photography

In closing, here is what Baby Tessa thinks of August photo shoots:

Quad City Kid's Photography

Hahaha! Absolutely love her!

T$ and Steve, thanks so much for bringing the dolls out to the farm to see us! It was so much fun! xoxo!

Mucho love,

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