I am celebrating not one but TWO anniversaries this week!

HAPPY THIRD ANNIVERSARY to the greatest husband in the world! Love this farmboy DEARLY (!!!). Can’t believe it’s been three years since our big barn dance!!

I’m still working on getting Kurt to commit to having a barn dance / anniversary party every year with a band, food, bar, Honky Tonk lemonades and dance floor.

It’s so funny how much our lives have changed in the years since we met (6 (omg) Eldridge Days ago…:)). My BFF’s were convinced we needed to meet since he was the perfect John Deere combine-driving farmboy and I had this “fabulous job” at John Deere. Ha. I like to tell him it was the ultimate bait and switch : ) He loves me. Fortunately.

Which brings me to my next point…

Happy one year away from the Corporate World to moi! Thank God!! I mean, YAYYY! Thanks to all of my friends, followers, clients, clients who’ve become friends/better friends/best friends, family, etc that have supported and encouraged me this ENTIRE year. You’re beyond amazing and I’m so thankful for ALL of you! Love you so much!

And a big thank you to my lovely husband who lets me stay home with our little guy and spend all his money figure out “necessary” ways to invest in the business. All of my fabulous equipment and training hasn’t come cheap. As in whatsoever. And we all know Kurt guards his wallet like a junk yard dog… You’re the best, babe. Love ya!

Finally, I believe all anniversaries should be spent out of town. Therefore, I’ll be spending these huge milestones in Maui and Oahu, Hawaii. OMG, I cannot wait! We are taking Kurt’s beloved iPad so I’ll be posting from there ; )

Love to all!! xoxo!

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