Kelly and Rick’s Engagement

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I am loving this Iowa summer weather! Our corn is, too – it’s like 9 feet tall. I am sure Kurt will disagree and say it’s either 8.5 feet tall or 9.5 feet tall, not 9. Farmers are so literal!

Anyhow, I was so thrilled when Kelly contacted me about photographing their wedding this September. We went to high school together and she’s an absolute DOLL!!! I’m super excited because not only do I know and love her but also many of her bridemaids! And, I don’t get to see these girls very often (some I haven’t seen since high school), so it will be a blast. Yay!

Rick was such a good sport, too. Didn’t complain once even though we were walking all over downtown in about 90 degrees and 95% humidity. : ) Lovvvve how they turned out!!

Please check out Kelly and Rick’s (low-resolution for mobile devices) slideshow. I keep mentioning that because I hate low resolution. Ha! The real images are about 1,000 times sharper but the videos are tooooooo cuuuuuute not to post.

xoxo! ~Ann

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