BFF’s :) Photos in the Enchanted Forest (Site of the Mini-Sessions)

These girls have been B.F.F.A.E. (Best Friends Forever and Ever), as they say, for years and years.  Almost SIX years.  That’s an eternity when you’re only nine years old.


And you don’t go to the same school. 

Children's Photography Bettendorf

And you don’t live anywhere near each other.

These are our girls.  They just ADORE each other’s company and I can’t imagine one without the other. 

Francesca is a big name.  The funny thing is that once you get to know her, it really just defines her…or she defines it…?  I don’t know but her name just couldn’t be anything else. 

We used to have an Explorer with a DVD player in it when the girls were like 5 or 6.  One day I asked her if her mom was going to get one for their Cadillac cross-over.  She calmly replied, “Well, I hope so.  I asked her for one and if she doesn’t get one, I’m contacting a lawyer.”  HAHAHA.  She says HILARIOUS, worldy, classic, grown-up things like that ALL THE TIME.  She’s so serious, too, with the largest vocabulary on the planet. 

They met in gymnastics when they were FOUR!  In the TODDLER CLASS!  They became friends and after a couple months, they realized in class that they have the same exact birthday – they came out of the class screaming that they really were sisters.  I think they still believe it.  In the meantime, Francesca’s mom and I had become friends.  We started having 2, 3, 4 times a month playdates when they were four.  Belle went to ‘Franci’s’ last Saturday, she’s going there tomorrow and Franci is spending the night on Friday.  I cannot IMAGINE Belle’s life without Francesca.  She’s adapted to all of the change in her life (moving, dance studio changes, me traveling for my job all the time, gaining a new little brother, adopting and losing pets) like a little chameleon but Francesca has always remained constant and kept her happy. 

They always plan their careers, mansions, college, etc, together.  They even have their future daughters they’re going to adopt from Paris and China named already.  They will be best friends, of course.  Last I knew they were going to be vets, opera singers, photographers (that’s a new one as of last Saturday), and teachers (all at once). 

They just HAVE to grow up and stay friends.  They are just too adorable together to break apart EVER.

Thanks, Fraci, for being my girl’s BFF and always exchanging presents, visits, notes, cards and ideas with her.  Thanks for playing dress up, piano, opera, cat rescue, dog training school, Polly Pockets, Barbies, Barbies, Barbies, detective with her.   You are awesome. 

I am going to post BFF shoots of these girls every once in awhile.  I think they will make perfect decor for their college dorm and their grad-school apartment, don’t you? 

And this guy!?  His DREAM is to keep up with the big girls.  He chases them just as fast as his little legs can carry him and gets SOOOO EXCITED when he can sneak into Belle’s room to play.  <3  Last weekend, they played babysitter with him and some other Cabbage Patch dolls.  Guess who were the babysitters and who were the babies?  ;)  He didn’t mind.  I periodically spied checked on them and they were congratulating him on all of the “Meets” and “Exceeds” he received in the various daycare subjects that day (e.g. sharing, communicating, math).  ::Heart Melting:: 

And, I found one more…

I want to point something out.  I LOVE THIS PIC WITH ALL MY HEART.  He makes this face ALLLLL THE TIIIIIIIME.  And then quickly goes, “Oo!” but leaves his lips sticking out.  <3  I know someday soon he will never make this face again.  ::Cries::  ::Sigh::  I am so happy and grateful for this pic. 

Today was my bday, y’all!  The big 3-3!  Thank you SOOOO MUCH to everyone who facebooked, emailed and messaged me.  I wasn’t at the computer ALL DAY but now I am and I just LOVE all the notes.  Thank you thank you!  Best Bday Ever!    Thanks to all of MY B.F.F.’S who dined with me tonight and for the rockin’ prizes.  Love you girls, so, so much.

Thanks to Belle and Kurt for the cards and prizes!  Kurt took Belle to the truckstop (LOL!) last night to pick out a gift for me.  Belle has been sick for DAYS so that was the only option.  She wrapped it herself in construction paper.  As I was opening it, she told my mom and I that she picked out, “the only classy thing in the truckstop.”  :)  It was a Willow Tree.   

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone tomorrow!  It’s one of my favorite holidays!

Peace & love ~

Ann :)

  1. #1 by Kim Kruer on March 16, 2011 - 11:14 pm

    I LOVE reading your blog so very much! Thanks for sharing! Have fun being 33!

  2. #2 by Franci on April 24, 2011 - 9:29 am

    Omigosh! Thank u so much!! I love this article, it really captures the essence of me + B’s Friendship. Gr8 pics, 2. I saved one to my documents then used it as my picture on twitter.

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