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Surely I’m not the only one who thinks uncooperative toddlers are ADORABLE.  They always get independant when we don’t want them to be.

I do feel so bad for my mamas, though.  They plan these darling outfits, drive all the way out here with hopes for lots of happiness.  Then, we get the whines and pouts.  :)  Honestly, it’s so cute.  It doesn’t bother me at all because personally, I LOVE pouty pics!  

I KNOW throughout the entire session that I’m going to get what we need.  In fact, I’ll usually have my one favorite already picked out as we go.  So I keep promising the mamas, “Don’t worry, they are ALL like this!”  And they really are…  The mamas and I try every trick in the book from singing to jumping around to using a whistle to borrowing my neighbor’s cat to making Belle dress up in a costume.  Hey, whatever works!  And I keep promising them, “Don’t worry, they will turn out AWESOME!”  And they really do…seriously.  I am NOTTTT really into smiling pics (as we all know and can see on my website – lol), UNLESS they happen to catch a true, natural smile.

Sometimes, I’ll have alarmingly happy toddler-clients and the smiling pics just look like them.  Take Miss Makenna and Mr. Oliver, for example:

Easiest photo shoots ever.  The sky is the limit for their modeling careers.  You’d think my OWN child would be just as cooperative – it’s not like he’s a stranger to the humongous camera.

Um, no.  I’ve posted on Facebook and Twitter before about how rotten my super-sweet baby Will is for photos.  Waaaah!  I really don’t think anyone believes me?  I can’t even believe it myself!

So, I had thought it would be a good idea to send out holiday cards with the kids’ photos.  I had been receiving SO MANY wonderful ones in the mail, lots of them with photos I took!  Literally, JOY.  I LOVED THEM.  So, I decided I needed to send out holiday cards to everyone and the photo shoot could double as Will’s first bday photos since his bday is Jan 7.  Spent hours in Baby Gap and a few hundy on various outfits of adorableness for the kids.  Belle’s photo shoot went perfectly.  Lovely.  Beautiful.  Bribes were involved.  Fine. 

Will’s?  Not so much.   

Needless to say, holiday cards didn’t go out this year.

So happy for the one good photo I took out in the midst of him crawling around, climbing my leg, running away from me, flinging himself out of the chair and trying to pull down the backdrop.

MY BABY!!  <3  It kind of looks like a presidential campaign photo but I’m thankful for the one we did get of him looking at the camera and not screaming.  It matched perfectly with his penguin invites but it’s not what I was originally envisioning, that is FOR SURE.  Something about it, though, just makes me LAUGH and want to jump through the pic and squeeze him tight.  My serious lil’ guy.  I will ALWAYS remember this photo like my mom remembers my brother’s “frowny face” photo from pre-school (I’d post but he’d kill me).  I will say the two bad ones I posted above I also love because it just shows his personality during photo-taking, which is pretty funny.  LOL.   

Anyway, so it gets nicer outside last weekend and my PTSD from Will’s holiday photos was starting to wear off.  Belle and Francesca were doing the BFF photo shoot for the holiday mini-sessions and were all excited about it.  I decided it would be a good time to stuff Will into one of his rockin’ holiday photo outfits (that he never got to wear) (yes, my kids have specific ‘photo outfits’ and ‘photo coats’ haha) and take his pics in “The Enchanted Forest” as well. 

I was hoping/wishing/praying that the holiday photo shoot / One-Year photo shoot was just a nightmare due to being tired, cranky, bad time of day.  A ‘fluke incident,” if you will…  I convinced Kurt this was a good idea and he meets me at the forest for these pics of fabulousness.  Um, no.  Horrible.  He was seriously running the other way, climbing up my leg and looking everywhere but the camera.  FINALLY, NOW I KNOW HOW STRESSED MY MAMAS ARE AND WHY!  It’s kind of heartbreaking and stressful.   I mean you want to be MAD but it’s not like you really can be mad…lol.  I was just SOOO HOPING to have SOME WONDERFUL PHOTOS OF MY BIG BUBBAS!  It was looking pretty effing grim.  So, I cut it short, walked off depressed and bitter and we headed home.  I should really take my own advice sometimes. 

Change of subject:  I went to a wedding recently that had this quote everywhere:  “Every once in awhile in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairytale.”   I thought it was pretty cute.

That is really the only quote I think of to compare to the magicalness of this:

Children's Photography Davenport, Iowa

Thank you, Fairytale.  This will be printed on a huge canvas and will hang in my house for years to come.  Even if I never printed it (trust me, that’s not happening), I would remember it for the rest of my life.  It just speaks to me and is ingrained in my mind forever.  Fairytales are awesome.  I could stare at this for HOURS because really, everything about this one photo is just ‘him.’  My big bubbas.  He’s growing up sooooo fast!  **sigh**

So, while I do pick my 25-ish favorites from the session, we are really only looking for that ONE that you’ll never forget and brings you to tears.  Find it, print it big, remember it always. 



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